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Student Transcript Management

Simplify transcripts with automated processing and efficient workflow, and reduce time-consuming manual entry tasks.

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Digital transcripts ensure student’s privacy. It is a straightforward process to to place requests and receive a digitally signed and verified electronic transcript which can be retained, indexed and backed up.

IT Admin

Digital academic records can prevent falsification of student grades and classes taken while earning a degree at the institution. Easy to process transcript with the click of a few buttons. 


Managing paper-based student records in the institution is disorganized with poor filing systems and problems in maintaining record papers. Storage and transfer of students’ academic records in is more efficient.

Key features that sets us apart

Custom Grades

Track all academic data including course information, attendance summaries, transfer credits acquired, degree awarded to give total view of students records for producing transcripts.Transcripts are highly configurable, customizable, and flexible. Choose your institute logos, colors, layout, etc. and generate transcripts easily.

Historical grade is an important part of student transcripts. Creatrix makes it easy to import student grades at the end of each semester.

  •  Track academic history
  •  Customizable grades
  •  Historical grades

Grade Setting

Gradebook allows you to grade assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions for course sections, and enable students to view these grades.Gradebook provides a variety of options for displaying student grades, use categories, set calculation method, assign weights and other gradebook preferences in ways that can help teachers focus on student performance.

Create a grade-related criteria based on learning outcomes, standard of achievement and level of participation required for successful completion of course in the normal semester time. Configure a grading standard designated as letter grade, numeric grade, grade point average with an academic standing.Grade setup allows you to add grade scales such as 4 point scale, A +/- letter grade scales, percentage, weighted average or point-based grading scale.

Easy-to-use and customizable grade sheet enable students to view grades at a glance for the completed assignments, quiz or test throughout the semester and help students know where they stand in the class.Select various types of grades such as academic grades, attributes, narrative evaluation grade cards and more. Import historical grade at the end of each marking period.Report card grades seamlessly flows into student transcripts and can be exported to a printable or digital format.

  •  Gradebook
  •  Grade setting
  •  Marking schemes
  •  Grading scales
  •  Grade sheets
  •  Grade selection
  •  Report card

Automated Transcripts

Eliminate paperwork and automate transcript processes with automatic calculations to create transcripts efficiently for faster decision-making.Automatically sort transcripts, capture student information, assessments and coursework for the academic period and capture it in student information system.

Easily run transcripts for one student or a group of students at a time in multiple formats and share it with students.

  •  Faster decision-making
  •  Automated transcript processing
  •  Publish and Share transcripts


Create highly customizable template in many formats according to your preferences and make transcript process very faster and easier.Create dynamic transcripts with professional look and feel tailored to the unique needs of your institution.Custom transcripts allows you to choose logo, colors, and layout customized for your institute’s brand and information.

  •  Customizable templates
  •  Professional look and feel
  •  Branding

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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