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Student Tracking Software

The fastest-growing student tracking system leveraging the web and mobile technologies for today's educators to improve student performance.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Enhance student retention, persistence and graduation rates of enrolled students. Get early alerts to identify students with academic difficulties.

Faculty / Staff

Manage student data across cloud, web and mobile platforms, with fully integrated features such as attendance, assignments, grades, scheduling, and more with comprehensive reporting.


Total automation of operations to  reduce investment costs and operating expenses, minimize data redundancy, eliminate manual work, and improve staff productivity. 

Key features that sets us apart


Manage student data throughout the admission process from inquiries to recruitment. Create efficient engagement through online and mobile devices to convert prospects into enrolled students.


Enroll for academic courses and monitor the progress of students with the flexibility to view course timetable and events in the calendar.

Fee Payments

Track and manage all types of student fees including tuition, course fees, textbooks, bus passes and other payments of students. Automatically sync fee payments with student enrollment and scheduling.

Data Management

A powerful student data management software to manage student data across cloud, web and mobile platforms.

Customizable student information system

Create customizable student information system and use the powerful features and functionality to best fit the needs of colleges and universities at an affordable cost.

Student Records

Create student profiles with unlimited custom categories and fields including demographic data, enrollment, attendance, schedule and more, and share academic records with faculties, and administrators.

Academic Progress

Empower faculty to monitor student performance to support students quickly and efficiently and create pathways for successful graduation to facilitate student retention and success.


Comprehensive scheduling Access to an array of efficient collaboration tools to ensure scheduling of classes, exams and events from anywhere, anytime to meet the needs of students and teachers.


Student attendance tracking software enable teachers to mark attendance in the class and send attendance reports to administrators. Streamline attendance tracking and automatically send alerts to parents via email, SMS & messaging.

Behavior Tracking

Capture and track student misconduct from the scene of the incident, assign warnings and notify parent via email and messaging.


Allow students to submit assignments online and teachers can check assignments and send feedback to students.


Automatically generate examination schedule with role-based access to students and teachers. Customize seating plan, question paper setting, invigilation, attendance, marks entry, final results and generate reports.


Allows teachers to assess the proficiency of students and add custom fields for grading. Automatically calculate grade using standards, points system, weighted average and flow into the report card.


Create comprehensive reporting based on all student records to identify patterns and trends and make informed decisions.


Access and track the activities of students with ease in a few clicks. Real-time tracking of student activities such as the attendance, library, hostel, mess, and others and automatically send notifications and reminders via email and internal messaging.

Activity Wall

Enable instructors to participate in discussion boards to engage and collaborate with students for meeting their grading goals successfully and achieving their learning outcomes.

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

Outcome-Based Education Software

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