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Student Registration & Enrollment

Comprehensive student enrollment and registration system for schools and higher education to manage student profiles, wait lists and streamline enrollment.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Make the registration process accessible anywhere to the student.   The automated registration process leads to time saving and eradication of common errors.

Faculty / Staff

Using customizable registration system, easily manage the semester registration process for students with quick access the required information whenever and wherever required. Reduce workload and save time of instructors.


Creatrix provide more opportunity for students to search the course catalog and easily self-register for courses with real-time payment processing and hence leads to saving of time and money.

Key features that sets us apart

Program Enrolment

Creatrix Campus provides state-of-the-art student enrolment management system for schools and higher education to achieve enrollment goals and increase student success.Creatrix provides a robust program enrolment management system that enable eligible students to enroll for a program or course of study across batches at the college.

Set seat allocation requirements that will allow students to enrol in a course. This will provide maximum ease in assigning workload hours to instructors.When students want to move from one course section to another, Creatrix provides quick and easy transfer of students between course sections.

Configure enrolment rules and enrol students automatically to ensure that right students should be enrolled in the course.Manage student admission process with convenient access to information on iOS and Android devices and improve communication with prospects using email, SMS.

  •  Cloud-based strategic enrolment system
  •  Program & Batch
  •  Seat Allocation
  •  Program transfer
  •  Enrolment
  •  Mobile device student enrollment


Register students for courses and programs anytime, anywhere. Validate eligibility of students, including exemptions, to register for courses.Configure student enrollment rules and get control over course registration. Enable students to enroll in the courses or drop courses.

Using the student registration software, automatically generate various types of courses scheduled for each class in the current semester and easily register students to courses, updated in real-time.

  •  Course registration
  •  Add or drop courses
  •  Manage courses

Student Self-Registration

Advanced search options in the course catalog enable students to search the course database containing the up-to-date course schedules and description which are offered by the institution in a term.Students who are admitted to degree programs can conveniently access the course management page and narrow the courses for quicker and easier student self-registration. Secure registration of courses with check lists to ensure fulfillment of program's requirements.

Enable students to build a study plan by selecting courses required for the program during the registration period.All the courses are assigned credits which carries a load spread over the term. For each course, students have to commit about 12-15 credit hours a semester, with a maximum of 18 credits. Online course registration enables students to select a minimum of 12 credit hours that’s required for achieving academic success.

Allow active wait listing of candidates to the list for open seats. Automatically upgrade the status of waitlisted class to fill up empty slots and enable registration for courses with the college registration software.Look into the position of the waitlist and get registered for course as and when it becomes available.Notify waitlist status to candidates by email, SMS and push notifications on mobile devices.

  •  Program selection
  •  Self-registration
  •  Study plan
  •  Credit ceiling
  •  Waitlist
  •  Tracking
  •  Notification

Fee Payment

Provide fee estimates to the students for the specific course of study.Create a fee structure to collect fees from students across the classes in minutes. Generate a customizable and flexible fee structure under different heads.Create a recurring invoices and automatic billing for repeat payment schedules.

Automatically calculate tuition, fees and charges during registration and view mandatory fees payments of students enrolled for the courses.Automatically generate receipts for online fee payments made by students and parents and view the billing history.Stay connected with students and send fee due alerts and reminders.

  •  Fee estimation
  •  Fee structure
  •  Recurring invoicing
  •  Fee payments
  •  Fee receipts
  •  Notifications

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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