Student Registration & Enrollment



    Student profiles

    The university & college registration software allows you to capture biographic and demographic information of unlimited students and prospects with the ability to create registration forms with custom fields.


    Manage courses

    Using the student registration software, automatically generate various types of courses scheduled for each class in the current semester and easily register students to courses, updated in real-time.


    Course waitlists

    Allow active wait listing of candidates to the list for open seats. Automatically upgrade the status of waitlisted class to fill up empty slots and enable registration for courses with the school registration software.


    Course registration

    Register students for courses and programs anytime, anywhere. Validate eligibility of students, including exemptions, to register for courses.


    Add or drop courses

    Configure student enrollment rules and get control over course registration. Enable students to enroll in the courses or drop courses.


    Fee payments

    Automatically calculate tuition, fees and charges during registration and view mandatory fees payments of students enrolled for the courses.


    View enrolled students

    Enable teachers to view and track students enrolled in their courses and also view their course schedule throughout the semester.



    Create a variety of custom reports to access data on student enrollment, profiles, fees, etc. for the given period.


    Parent communication

    Send automated notifications via email, SMS and push notifications to students and parents during registration, waitlists, and enrollment into courses.



    Maximize enrollment


    Streamline and control enrollment with school enrollment software.


    Simplicity and convenience to scale up student strength.


    Robust reporting that provides deep insights to increase enrollment.


    Provide the most effective course schedule.


    Improve student experience


    Deliver best possible student experience.


    Track students and improve engagement.


    Improve response rate to student inquiries.


    Provide more personalized student advising.


    Save time and costs


    Eliminate manual work and paper-based processes.


    Provide easy, intuitive access to enrollment data.


    Reduce burden of the management and teachers.


    Improve efficiency, communication and save money.