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Student Lifecycle Management Software

Creatrix Campus helps higher education institutions leverage best-in-class technology throughout the student lifecycle to improve student service, and gain competitive edge.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Manage student lifecycle and ensure student retention and success. Self-service functions enable students to access academic information through a secure online portal.

Faculty / Staff

Foster a high performance culture with real-time tracking of student information from recruitment to enrollment to graduation.This frees up time, allowing staff to focus on education-related responsibilities.


Automates information systems so that faculty, staff, and advisors can obtain student information right away. Seamlessly connect students, faculties, staff and management and improve relationships.

Key features that sets us apart

Student Management

Manage student lifecycle better without the risk of losing students to other institutions. Creatrix Campus helps manage student relationship with an efficient student relationship management system to deliver high quality learning experience.Student lifecycle management solution is fully customizable, flexible and scalable to attract and engage large number of concurrent users in future to improve student service at affordable cost.

Create quick & easy-to-use student profile information, linking to enrollment, schedule, transcript, and degree evaluation, and share records with faculties, and administrators.Track student performance from recruitment to graduation, manage information across the entire student lifecycle to advance students.

  • Student lifecycle
  • Customizable, scalable & flexible
  • Student Profiling
  • Student Activity Tracking

Recruiting and Admission

Deliver custom workflows and forms to ensure user requirements; Evaluate applicants for admission based on individual study plans; Real time application status tracking.Generate quick and easy invoices and bills for any number of students with faster online fee payments. Add discounts, taxes and fines to fee components.Send automatic notifications,alerts and reminders on fee dues to ensure fee collection.

  • Application and Admission
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Notifications

Curriculum and Courses

Manage the design, delivery and continuous quality improvement of curriculum for higher education courses. Plan for mapping of curriculum with graduate attributes, teaching and assessment methods with learning outcomes.Create online course materials, syllabus, unit, and lesson plan with accessibility built in for all types of learning needs of students. Link syllabus and lesson plan with the learning outcomes of each teaching activity to support coherence and cohesion in student learning.Allow students to create any type of schedule for current/future semesters. Comprehensive and flexible scheduling which ensures availability of faculty/rooms and student’s course requests.

  • Curriculum Management
  • Syllabus and Lesson Plan
  • Course Scheduling


Create multiple assessment types based on sum, average, maximum & top marks. Create online assignments, tests, examinations and quizzes including single/multiple choice, essay and short-answer tests to drive student success.Maintain student grades, assignments and lesson plans customized to support different systems in schools.Automatically grades are added to attendance and other data for progress reports and report cards.

  • Assessments
  • Grading
  • Report Cards


Configure and customize rules & regulations of programs & courses. Manage and track progress of students in real time from admission through the degree program.Colleges and higher education institutions can facilitate graduation through technology integration with fast, fantastic real-time student program tracking to accelerate graduation times, increase student success and reduce costs.Use intelligent dashboards identify at-risk students to improve learning outcomes, and maximize student retention and success.

  • Progression and Graduation
  • Student Retention and Success
  • Dashboards

Know More and Connect

Creatrix Campus has great modules for registration, CBE, course management, schedules and analytics. They support is excellent and timely. Prof. Rafael Brisita
Vice President, SWC, St. Phlilp's College


  • 13 / 09 / 2018
  • Whitepaper

Technology-enabled assessments help students plan and achieve lifelong career success. Using assessment management…


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