Report Card Management System

Creatrix Campus offers an automated Report Card Management Software which allows schools to automatically generate report cards and share with parents via email on web & mobile apps.


    Customizable report cards

    Customize report cards to meet the specific requirements of schools and teachers, and improve communication with parents.


    Manage resources optimally

    Using the report card module, manage resources, plan teacher allocations, student orientations, and make seating arrangements quickly in the classroom.


    Empower teachers

    Empower teachers with data on report card, attendance, and discipline to improve instructions in the classroom.


    Flexible report card models

    Meet the report card standards and adhere to the grading scale system defined by schools with the ability to share it via website & mobile apps.



    Student information

    Capture student data enrolment status and attendance records to meet report card requirements.


    Submit grades

    Automatically calculate GPA, CCE, and CWA grades in the report card based on the marks scored in the examination.


    Generate report cards

    Automatically generate customized report cards after marks entry for any number of students and institutions at a time, which can be exported in various formats.


      Capture evaluations

      Capture multiple forms of continuous student evaluations in tests, quizzes, assessments, and assignments to determine marks/grades


      Add teacher comments

      Teachers can provide additional information in the report card by recording comments and choose their grading key for students


      Report student achievement

      Send report cards to students to determine future goals and actions. Communicate the level of student’s achievement to parents to support learning needs.


        Configure rules

        Configure the standards and eligibility criteria for minimum passing numeric score connected to the subject to define grades.


        Integrate attendance report

        Integrate student attendance records into the report card and check daily attendance for the period or subject in real-time.


        Parent notifications

        Automatically send email notifications and SMS alerts to parents to track student’s progress and achievement via website and mobile devices including iPhone and Android.



        Eliminate manual work


        Eliminate handwritten college scorecard


        Using school report card management software generate report cards easily in a single click of a button


        Save printing costs & reduce errors


        Simple grading


        Adheres to CCE report card System or any grading system.


        Fast grade entry by teachers.


        Real-time access to attendance and grades.


        Student development


        Complete coverage touching all aspects of student development including academic, ethical & personal growth.


        Comprehensive student evaluation and assessments.