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Hostel Management System

Creatrix Campus hostel management software for schools, colleges or university is most user-friendly and efficient software with great features, innovation and design.

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Catered to Everyone's needs

Students / Parents

Develop trust between the students and the management. Choose a room based on their preferences and requirements. Enable parents and guardian to check the rooms and the fees associated with the room.

IT Admin

Powerful and efficient student accommodation management software to manage and control the various aspects of hostel. Configure room availability, allocate rooms, auto-generate room numbers, configure fees, facilities charges.


Eliminate manual paperwork and reduce staff overload. Improve transparency and discipline in the entire hostel management and build trust between students and administrators.

Key features that sets us apart

Admission and Fee Management

Streamline the hostel admission process and provide accommodation to students based on academic performance. Capture profiles of students. Enable students to apply online for hostel dormitory and other facilities.

Automatic calculate hostel fees, facility charges and fine. Allow students to pay fees at the time of admission before the due date, and issue receipts.Capture and register discipline incidents in hostels of all sizes. Track, report and remedy a student’s behavior trend in real-time.

  •  Admission
  •  Fee Management
  •  Discipline tracking

Room Allocation

Configure room allocation rules and automatically allot rooms to students based on room type and capacity.Manage room transfers and update room vacancy status in real-time.Drop or transfer students when they vacate the room. Delete student record from the database upon vacation.

Get actionable alerts on room allotment, transfer, attendance, fee payments, mess bills, and other information via email, SMS & push notifications to iPhone & Android devices.

  •  Room allotment
  •  Room transfer
  •  Vacation
  •  Notifications & Alerts

Visitor Management

Manages visitor records with their vehicle number, purpose of visit, person to visit etc.Simple & faster check-in & check-out of visitors from premises. Track visitors to the campus and monitor their activities.Maintain records of authorized guests who are allowed to stay in hostels.

  •  Visitor record
  •  Visitor verification
  •  Guest information

Mess Management

Maintain hostel bills collection, mess bills linked to student’s hostel fees. Track the mess bills of students & send reminders for overdue payments.Auto calculate billing details with options to add discount, new payment and new rate for change to different room category.Create menu items & prices, control the cost & run the mess efficiently.

  •  Mess bill collection
  •  Mess bill calculation
  •  Menu

Know More and Connect

Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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