Hostel Management System



    Hostel information

    Automate and manage various hostels efficiently. Create multiple hostels, room types, occupancy, facilities in the rooms and assign multiple wardens for hostels.



    Streamline the hostel admission process and provide accommodation to students based on academic performance. Students can apply online for hostel dormitory & other facilities.


    Room Reservation

    Configure room allocation rules and automatically allot rooms to students based on room type and capacity. Manage room transfers and update room vacancy status in real-time.


    Fee Management

    Automatic calculate hostel fees, facility charges and fine. Allow students to pay fees at the time of admission before the due date, and issue receipts.


    Gate Pass

    Enable students to place requests for obtaining gate passes. Issue gate passes and allow students to go off campus, with real-time status updates.


    Guests and Visitors

    Maintain records of authorized guests who are allowed to stay in hostels. Track visitors to the campus and monitor their activities.


    Mess Management

    Generate student data using mess services includes details of their meals and accounts. Automatically calculate mess charges, track mess expenditure and all other transactions.


    Attendance records

    Capture daily attendance records of students with in and out timings with the ability to track the missing students in the hostel and notify parents by email and messaging.


    Inventory Management

    Manage and control hostel assets efficiently and track hostel consumables and durables by location, value, date and lot codes using RFID, barcode scanners and mobile devices.



    Eliminate manual tracking & paper work


    No more time consuming paperwork and manual tracking


    Reduce staff & operational costs


    Powerful and efficient student accommodation management software


    Supports multi-location users


    Automated hostel attendance records


    Avoid staff negligence


    Automated room booking & fee tracking


    Simple and easy-to-use intuitive room reservation.


    Auto-generate room list for each floor and block.


    Auto-assignment of rooms by occupancy, size & capacity.


    Reduce delays in fee & mess bill collection.


    Manage inventory & control expenses


    Keep tight control over purchases & inventory with student hostel software.


    Transparent bills and costs.


    Reduce mess expenses.


    Track students availing mess services.


    Efficient mess management.


    Optimize resource allocation in the hostel/mess.