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Gradebook Management Software

Easy to use Gradebook Management Software with a wide range of features such as assignment submission, file storage, calendar, etc. to track student's progress & improve instructor-student relationship.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Keep parents informed about student's performance without the need to contact instructors constantly and be an active participant in their student's education.

Faculty / Staff

Instructors no longer have to spend time in paperwork on grade calculations and reports. Automatically compute and update grades in real time. Enable instructors to enter grades from anywhere along with comments for parents to view. 


Automating grading is reliable, accurate and efficient and reduces human errors. Fully customizable with options to assign weightages to various assessment categories to suit your institute needs.

Key features that sets us apart

Grade Group

Grades can be organized using Grade categories. They are useful for grouping assignments, Quiz, test and so on. Each activity grade will then be weighted to calculate the overall course grade.Grade categories can be used in a convenient way to group together to generate one grade for each activity type. Fast and accurate calculation of grades by assigning different weightages (point or percentage-based grading), grading schemes (numerical & letter grades), grading scales (4.0 scale) to determine the quality of a student's academic performance.

The Performance Management System gives options for weighting grades on assignments to ensure final grades reflect student’s progress.Easily enter scores in assignments, tests, quizzes and surveys as points, letters or marks with instant update of student scores.

Define grades allotted to students based on multiple indicators and create custom fields for grades for any type of institution. Automatically convert numerical marks into grades.The Grade Management Software provides the ability to export/Import grades with student profiles and assignments using Excel/CSV files without the need to enter records manually.

  •  Grade category
  •  Assessment pattern
  •  Weighting grades
  •  Enter assessment scores
  •  Automatically calculate grades
  •  Import grades

Grade Categories

Grade curves are graphically generated for assigning grades to yield a desired distribution of grades among the students who got each possible score in a class. The plot is in the form of a histogram or bar plot.Customize grading scale for multiple courses and multiple marking periods and calculate final grades based on average of marking periods.

This example is using the 100 percent system, so Maximum grade should be set to 100 and Minimum grade set to 0.The Mean of the curve is the average of the all of the scores. It is computed by adding up the scores for all of the students and dividing by the number of students.Median is another way of determining the class performance. The Median is the score that divides the grade curve down the middle. Half of the students score at or above the median, and the other half at or below the mean.

Automatically sync the average of desired value of top assessment scores of the overall course grade and seamless flow of changes to student scores to Gradebook.In this case calculate the highest score for assessment activities automatically send from the Assessments to the Gradebook.

Customize grading scale for multiple courses and multiple marking periods and calculate final grades based on average of marking periods.Teachers can provide feedback on student’s performance and add comments along with the entry of grades or numerical marks. The system provides access to students to view comments.

  •  Curve grading
  •  Custom grading scale
  •  Maximum & Minimum
  •  Mean & Median
  •  Average of Top n
  •  Keep the highest
  •  Custom grading scale
  •  Enter comments

Report Card and Transcripts

Seamless data flow from assessments and gradebook to create report cards accurately and easily. Integrate attendance records of students into the report card.Use the gradebook to generate transcripts with all the required information including students’ courses, subjects, credits, and rank.

Publish report cards and transcripts of students in any format in a single click and share with students and parents.

  •  Report card
  •  Transcripts
  •  Publish and share results

Track student progress

The gradebook software allows administrators to authorize students with secure access to view grades on assignments and track their performance in the course.Using the Student Result Management System send SMS alerts and email notifications to parents on the student’s performance in scholastic and co-scholastic assessments.

Administrators, instructors, students and staff can access the Grade Management System on web and mobile devices. Teachers can also edit grades via iPhone or Android phones.

  •  Real-time progress tracking
  •  Notifications
  •  Mobile access

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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