Faculty Evaluation System

The most comprehensive faculty performance appraisal system and automated evaluation tools to simplify evaluation process,
deliver development programs, while helping students improve learning.


    Build a strong faculty evaluation system

    Creatrix Campus offers faculty evaluation software to improve teacher ratings and make effective educators.


    Benefits students and faculty members

    Simplify, streamline and schedule faculty evaluations quickly and unobtrusively using faculty performance tracking system.


    Faculty appraisal & school improvement

    Our educator evaluation system supports any type of school – public, private, international schools.


    Integrated student information system

    Integrate faculty assessment tools with SIS for evaluation of teaching effectiveness.



    Streamline appraisal process

    Simplify and streamline the faculty performance appraisal process with automated workflow which helps the appraisal comprehensive, fast, accurate and efficient.


    Track multiple observations

    Track multiple observations and outcomes to speed up assessments using state-mandated rubrics for instructors and adapt programs to fit the contextual situation of the institution.


    Evaluation scheduler

    Sync your staff performance appraisal scheduling process with the calendar. Schedule assessments and set reminders on upcoming assessments.


      Track improvement plans

      Track the progress of faculties and create improvement plans. Faculties can access their performance improvement plans and document their professional growth.


      Built-in form builder & workflow

      Create an appraisal model using built-in faculty evaluation forms to match with your existing system. Create faculty appraisal and planning forms for different departments and campuses.


      Real-time dashboard reports

      Monitor the assessment progress of faculties using dashboard reports. View the latest trends and assess faculty performance.


        Notifications & Alerts

        Online faculty monitoring system allows you rate and review professors, post comments and send automatic email notifications to the staff, Dean, and principal.


        Custom ratings & goal settings

        Configure and customize rating scales using faculty rating system to measure teaching effectiveness. Analyze faculty performance and set goals after identifying their needs.


        Mobile evaluator

        Schedule and complete the evaluation process on mobile devices. Faculties can access it on iOS and Android apps.



        Boost the evaluation process


        Reduce paperwork, save money and resources.


        New tools to faculty for professional help.


        Customizable processes and forms to boost data accuracy.


        Receive actionable feedback.


        Improve teaching effectiveness


        Real-time tracking of faculty progress.


        Improve communication between evaluators and faculties.


        Enhance instruction quality.


        Get accurate paths for professional development.


        Enhance learning


        Effective assessments with quick response time to drive professional growth.


        Enhance student learning skills, achievement and success.


        Get insights on faculty impact on student outcomes.