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Faculty Evaluation System

The most comprehensive faculty performance appraisal system and automated evaluation tools to simplify evaluation process, deliver development programs, while helping students improve learning.

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Real-time access to results, giving immediate feedback to faculty. This can be used to analyze the teaching methods and the various approaches used in college classrooms and make suitable improvements in faculty performance and create an action plan for professional development


No need to print and distribute paper evaluations, and no need to manually enter or scan in data.Customizable evaluations with questions created specifically to gather feedback on the most important information about faculty. Easier to configure and update survey questions or the overall design of the survey layout.


Creatrix Campus offers faculty evaluation software to improve faculty ratings and make effective educators.Analyze various teaching methods used in classrooms and determine faculty effectiveness and instruction quality. Get actionable intelligence to effectively judge the teaching competence and its impact on the student's performance in examinations and other assessments.

Key features that sets us apart

Form Builder and Workflows

Create an appraisal model using built-in faculty evaluation forms to match with your existing system.Create faculty appraisal and planning forms for different departments and campuses.Simplify and streamline the faculty performance appraisal process with automated workflow which helps the appraisal comprehensive, fast, accurate and efficient.

  •  Built-in evaluation forms
  •  Appraisal forms
  •  Automated workflows


Sync your staff performance appraisal scheduling process with the calendar.Schedule assessments and set reminders on upcoming assessments.Schedule and complete the evaluation process on mobile devices. Faculties can access it on iOS and Android apps.

  •  Online calendar
  •  Schedules & Reminders
  •  Mobile access

Streamline evaluations

Simplify, streamline and schedule faculty evaluations quickly and unobtrusively using faculty performance tracking system. Faculty evaluation software enable institutions to improve faculty ratings and make effective educators. Our educator evaluation system supports any type of institution – public, private, international.

Online faculty monitoring system allows you to rate and review professors, and post comments.Track the progress of faculties and create improvement plans. Faculties can access their performance improvement plans and document their professional growth.

  •   Faculty evaluation system
  •  Faculty Analyzing
  •  Improvement plans


Configure and customize rating scales using faculty rating system to measure teaching effectiveness. Analyze faculty performance and set goals after identifying their needs.Configure criteria for assigning weightages for continuous and comprehensive evaluation of faculty skills to ensure objectivity and fairness.

Track multiple observations and outcomes to speed up assessments using rubrics for instructors and adapt programs to fit the contextual situation of the institution.

  •  Custom rating scales
  •  Weighting system
  •  Rubrics assessment tool

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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