Course Catalog Software

Creatrix Campus provides a robust and efficient cloud-based platform to deliver interactive course catalog for higher education.


    Empower users

    Creatrix Campus provides a robust, efficient and easy-to-use application that has been configured for academic catalog which gives educators and students to access various courses and instructional material in colleges and universities.


    Advanced Catalog Search

    Advanced search algorithms enable users to search and navigate using filters such as course numbers, titles and keywords to refine results and get the right course information.Fast and powerful search with indexing, relevance and intuitive customization features enable users to find courses they are looking for in the undergraduate and graduate catalog software.


    Automated Approval Workflows

    Creatrix Campus features a powerful collaborative approval process, taking the entire update process automated. Workflows are customized to fit the unique qualities of each institution. Email notifications are sent to reviewers to keep the approval process moving forward and let you stay on top of the process to meet your deadlines.

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    Comprehensive Audit Trail

    Creatrix Campus allows you to track, update and archive all the changes to the catalog while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of decisions made along the way.


    Control Access

    Creatrix Campus allows you to configure your catalog with a highly secure role-based authentication system in order to confidently assign tasks with multiple user roles to view course details and registration options.


    Course Self Registration

    Course registration system allows students who are admitted to degree programs to conveniently access the course management page and narrow the courses for quicker and easier student self-registration. Secure registration of courses with check lists to ensure fulfillment of program's requirements.



    Creatrix Campus that offers out-of-the-box digital course catalog software with a wide range of customizations to keep pace with the critical needs of institutions to ensure success of catalogs.



    Increase accuracy and validity with various types of Creatrix’s reports. Identify and eliminate errors, and keep your catalog content up to date and consistent with student information system.


    Responsive Design

    Course catalog is built using cutting edge technologies – Responsive, automated, customized, searchable, integrated and dynamic to ensure a seamless user experience across multiple devices. The online course catalog will assist you in matching your institution’s brand.


    Data Integration Bridge

    Matching your catalog with your system is important for ensuring accuracy and consistency. Creatrix Campus offers data bridge capabilities to provide an effective way to integrate college course catalog software with your curriculum management system and SIS. This fully integrated solution ensures that the academic catalog content is updated from your SIS , which also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.

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  • Comprehensive and integrated academic catalog management software
  • Custom fit catalog solution
  • Effortless integration with your system
  • Intuitive interface


  • Eliminate paper catalogs and save money with course catalog software
  • Enable students to know exactly what courses they need to register
  • Fast publishing
  • Advanced search capabilities


  • Automated approval workflows
  • Powerful collaborative tools and reports
  • Setting role-based access is a breeze
  • Real time status tracking
  • Customizable dashboards


  • Increase accuracy and validity
  • Identify and correct errors
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry
  • Get a quick, bird's-eye view of information