Classroom Management System



    Access student data

    Instructors can view and track student information on the go, from anywhere, anytime. This includes student attendance, report card, scheduling, transcript, discipline, tests, assignments, and contact information.


    Submit attendance

    Instructors can view and mark attendance of students from anywhere. Easily track attendance records and respond to disruptions and problems. Send automatic notifications to students via email or SMS for insufficient attendance.


    Manage assignments

    Instructors can create different assignment types to classes. Students can submit assignments to the Dropbox for review. Instructors can review assignments with comments, and share feedback with students and parents.


    Create tests & assessments

    Enable faculties to create a variety of online tests and build complete assessment for students at all grades and skill levels to improve student achievement and take intelligent decisions. Assign tests to students and measure success.


    Assign grades

    Faculties can evaluate student’s progress and achievement through tests and assessments and assign grades. Faculties can view and edit grades to courses and add comments with the ability to send email notifications to parents.


    Conduct surveys & polls

    Instructors can conduct quiz, survey and take polls in classes to assess students discretely by sending a true/false or multiple choice questions to the class with the option to provide student’s answer anonymously.


    Take class notes

    Enable students to take class schedule and notes on the fly including terms and concepts that they don’t recognize. Students can discuss and work together on topics related to the class with one another. Instructors can share student observations, leave feedback on student’s profile.


    Enable learning & collaboration

    Collaborate with individual or group of students in the classroom and promote learning through assignments and lessons, and develop consensus. Instructors can monitor all the class activities and engage with presentations, demonstrations and real-time updates via media.


    Class scheduling

    Enable instructors to plan, create and modify schedules courses and periods and assign classrooms and locations based on requirements. Customize scheduling to add, drop and transfer courses on student schedules. Also schedule random course meetings in different classrooms.


    Role-based access control

    Instructors can track the entire student activities in the class and provide role-based access to data and streaming audio/video. Remotely control the class and help multiple students and class simultaneously, at the same time making teaching effective.


    Real-time news updates

    Instructors can access news updates in the institution in real-time. Enable Instructors to organize meetings and programs in the class effectively. View the event calendar and book classrooms and necessary resources such as conference rooms for meetings and events.


    Notifications & Messages

    Faculty can manage classroom attendance, assignments, grades, and events, and send automatic notifications, and messages to all of their students and parents in all of their class via email, SMS and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.



    Maximize adoption


    Simple, clean and easy-to-use.


    Easy to deploy.


    Supports desktops, iPhone & Android.


    Create classroom success


    Promote interaction and engagement.


    Efficient tracking & control of class.


    Eliminate fears & distractions.


    Improved learning outcomes


    Effective learning.


    Real-time student assessment.


    Promote interest in subjects & lessons.