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Transportation Management System

11 / 08 / 2016

10 features of a reliable, robust and secure transport system for smart schools

Schools are providing high quality education, cutting-edge infrastructure, highly educated and experienced faculty, and bright students. School transportation has gained a lot in importance due to increased safety threats to students. However, schools are facing a stiff challenge in providing high class transportation facilities to ensure better security to students.

A sophisticated and feature-rich transportation management system is fast capturing the attention of parents to ensure the safety and security of students and also delivers the best experience to users. Efficient fleet management also saves time, effort, fuel and money. School bus transportation system offers a complete solution with the most effective features such as bus routing and scheduling, student transport data, transport attendance, expense tracking, fee collection, GPS tracking and Geo Fencing, and more to address the concerns of parents and also ensuring peace of mind to the school management. Transport management application gives you power and flexibility through seamless automation, enhanced GPS tracking and mobile-ready software. Here are the top features that can assure high performance of the fleet in smart schools:

1. Manage Transport Data
Set vehicle information including vehicle type, model, number, registration, capacity, etc. The college transport management system allows you to track passenger information accurately.

2. Allocate Vehicles for Students
Manage vehicle allocation during the academic year with proper allotment of vehicles to students including the boarding points and destinations in particular routes.   
3. Route Management
Create, edit or delete vehicle routes along with bus stops and pick/drop timings using high quality digital mapping. Assign multiple routes to students at different timings.

4. Fleet Management
Plan optimum routes, efficient route scheduling, fuel management, and enhanced safety. Optimize bus routes and the vehicle capacity to reduce vehicle maintenance expenses, fuel costs and avoid unauthorized trips. Manage vehicle schedules efficiently.
5. Real-time Vehicle Tracking
Accurately track vehicle location from anywhere, anytime using RFID, GPS and geofencing to provide real-time visibility of vehicles and entry/exit of students.   

6. Advanced Mapping
Meet the expectations of parents with instant messaging and also allow real-time tracking of routes through the advanced mapping feature.

7. Automatic Alerts and Notifications


Create geofencing alerts and email notifications for effective school transportation management including student’s entry/exit, vehicle movement, delays, speed violations, and more.


8. Track Fee Collection
Configure transport fee structure for different routes. Track status of student fee payments in real-time and print receipts.   

9. Customized Reports
Create customized reports of vehicle utilization, fee payments, violations, over speed, excessive stoppage time, and idle time etc.  
10. Ensure safe transportation
Provide safety and security to vehicles and students and respond faster to vehicle breakdowns, accidents and emergencies.

Smart schools that implement the transport management solution perform better in terms of safety, service levels and cost savings. So let’s explore a few areas where there are further benefits:

Effective transportation   

  • Avoid long waiting hours in bus stops.   
  • Respond better to breakdowns.   
  • Direct access to bus routes & timings for effective transportation management.  

Enhanced safety   

  • Ensure safe and secure student transportation.   
  • Pinpoint location of vehicle and students in real time.

Improve route efficiency   

  • Optimize fleet utilization.   
  • Track performance with real-time reporting of vehicle data.   
  • Save time, money and fuel costs.

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