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Top 10 ways for hostels to manage student admission and improve efficiency

28 / 07 / 2015 Sriram

Hostel facilities in educational institutions are managed with manual paperwork in a labor-intensive environment. This has resulted in poor resource utilization and impacted the overall efficiency of the academic institutions. The system of managing and administering hostels, mess and other facilities in institutions is ineffective as it is attributed to the following problems:

Problems in the Existing System

  • Manual hostel administration
  • Manual allocation of facilities
  • Wastage of resources
  • Increase in staff workload
  • Difficulty in retrieving hostel record of assets & inventory
  • Tedious and time consuming work
  • Inaccuracy of data
  • Different data processing for registration form verification
  • Data duplication & errors

It is time to evaluate the traditional system in managing hostels and implement a hostel management system on website and mobile devices to improve the hostel services for students, administrators and staff of hostels. Using hostel management software, simplify and streamline hostel administration efficiently in 10 great ways:

1.  Hostel Setup

  • Create various categories of hostel rooms
  • Create blocks & floors with details

2.  Registration

  • Register students/staff/guest online
  • Assign multiple students to hostels

3.  Student Account

  • Capture profiles of students
  • Maintain daily attendance records with entry and exit timings

4.  Room Allocation

  • View details of hostels, rooms and student occupancy
  • Automatic room allocation based on  room type and number of occupants in each room, waiting list & other parameters
  • Add/Drop/Delete/Swap/Transfer students in each room

5.  Fee Payments

  • Manage hostel fees including deposits, expenses & refunds
  • Maintain hostel bills collection, mess bills linked to student’s hostel fees

6.  Vacation

  • Drop or transfer students when they vacate the room
  • Delete student record from the database upon vacation

7.  Repairs & Maintenance Management

  • Automatically assign and track maintenance tasks to housekeeping staff based on requests
  • Assign costs to repair works

8.  Visitor/Guest Tracking & Management

  • Capture and maintain hostel visitors’ records
  • Automatically generate hostel gate pass
  • Simple & faster check-in & check-out of visitors from premises

9.  Mess Management

  • Create menu items & prices, control the cost & run the mess efficiently  
  • Access student information including mess joining, change & discontinuation, hostel room & warden

10.  Reports

  • Generate various kinds of reports on student information, discipline information, Warden information, Mess information, Fee collection and more.

Creatrix Campus offers a comprehensive and cost-effective Hostel Management and all other modules of Campus Management Solutions  to manage hostels and other facilities in higher education institutions. Our module seamlessly integrates with other key modules such as attendance, courses, asset & inventory, finance and accounts to manage hostels efficiently and economically.

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