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How to leverage online tools to transform student lifecycle & maximize student success

13 / 09 / 2016 Sriram

Automated tools are transforming the learning landscape for students.  Higher education students are more connected with the community than ever. In fact, increasing number of educators are implementing online tools throughout the student lifecycle from admission through graduation programs and beyond, and higher education leaders are supporting this paradigm shift.

Furthermore, colleges and universities are generally doing a great job of adopting flipped learning and other digital learning tools for delivery of content that reverses the traditional learning environment. Whether it's easy-to-use administrator tools, on-the-go faculty evaluation system or personalized learning with student lifecycle management system, collaboration tools provide a way for the college community to ride on an outcome based learning approach that can lead to student success. 

Online tools can transform student lifecycle and maximize student success in 5 impactful ways.

1.  Offer on the go student services 

Most of the educators believe that enhancing student services has the potential to enhance student achievement. Integrating digital technology into the classroom through flipped learning or blended learning is very effective to improve student learning outcomes.

2.  Provide anywhere, anytime access to resources

Keep students focused on learning by providing access to syllabus, lesson plan and other resources anywhere, anytime in a synchronous learning environment.

3.  Implement digital assessment tools

Effective classroom assessments and grading enable faculty and instructors to create online tests, assignments, examinations, quizzes and surveys has a great impact on student achievement never than ever before. 

4.  Engage learners on their devices

Mobility is ubiquitous with students having access to smartphones and tablets. Collaborative learning and evaluations are to be offered to students wherever they are – on their mobile devices. 

5.  Maximize student success

To support student success, colleges and universities need to flexibly implement programs tailored to student needs with a student information system and support student retention and success. Engage with instructors through lecture videos, slide presentations, podcasts or collaborative work sessions enable students to improve learning outcomes.

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