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Event Management

17 / 08 / 2017 event Pon Victor Abraham

Plan & customize college events, manage registration, increase attendees and a success

Event planning checklist for colleges: How to customize it for all event types

Plan, organize and measure successful campus events with smart event management software

From guest lectures to orientations and from alumni events to weddings, special events constitute a key part of campus life. Colleges also leverage these activities to market the campus to students, families and the surrounding community.

Event management systems have given schools and colleges greater control over everything from booking spaces to ordering food, linens and equipment.

Education technology is proving invaluable, especially at large institutions where more than one department plans and manages events, and a customizable cloud-based solution is quickly becoming a key part of the campus life. Institutes can maintain efficient, transparent and accurate financial and accounting records to eliminate manual calculations, reduce costs, increase productivity and drive revenue.

Colleges can get started with a high level checklist to raise the event scheduling process to the next level with technology and deliver superior events of any size and complexity. Finally, connect with attendees in one place, track all information in real-time, and launch surveys to get feedback and make data-driven decisions. Event management software solution offers a wide range of features including:

Event Planning

Schools and higher education to manage conferences, meetings, seminars, and events with automated scheduling, profiling, registration, routing, payments and reminders.

Academic scheduling

Eliminate double booking of events and optimize room allocation and utilization of resources across the institution. Schools and Higher Education can create academic schedules using calendar to promote events including student activities, faculty appointments, course development, parent-teacher meetings, etc.

Custom Registration
Schools, colleges and higher education can automate and streamline registration processes, while registrants can sign up for events and access information with multiple choice questions and forms.

Task Management

Automatically schedule events, approve requests, assign and track tasks to reserve venues, check facilities available, and request resources including equipment, and personnel.

Venue Management
Using Google Maps integration, guests can view the calendar and reserve their seats at the venue after registering for the event and get directions to the location.

Attendee Management

Access event information and configure seat al of students, staff, alumni, parents and guest expected from website and mobile devices, and update registration details in real-time.

Personalized Communication
Create invitations with pre-built templates, automatically generate contact list, and reach everyone by email, SMS and push notifications. Improve communication with new or prospective students and increase attendance with reminders and maps.

Event promotion & sharing

Distribute event information to a wide audience across the campus and beyond. Promote and share events using online calendar across websites, social media, and community to improve engagement and save money.
Custom Reporting

Organize academic events, programs and activities successfully with robust reports and summaries on event status, bookings, resources and surveys to analyze trends, improve performance and increase cost-efficiency.
Surveys & Feedback

Easily create custom online survey forms and track the feedback and data of attendees about event outcomes to increase attendee engagement and registration experience.

Event planning software gives education institutions end-to-end control throughout the event lifecycle. Instead of wasting time with multiple software programs, use a reliable, user-friendly event management system to manage all your data in one central location to manage events and track attendance.

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