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Efficient asset management & inventory tracking system for Schools and Higher Education

03 / 12 / 2014 Charlie Robinson

Managing assets and keeping track of inventory are today’s key challenges for K-12 schools and higher education. There has a substantial increase in the number of schools and colleges building large amount of assets that are distributed in the departments or zones. When you are looking for assets such as furniture, computers, lab equipment, books, projectors and other educational tools, it’s important to capture and track your assets from procurement to disposal.

With Creatrix Campus Asset Management System and Inventory tracking software, it is easy for educational institutions to manage asset information and control inventory from website and mobile devices. Creatrix Campus offers best-in-class RFID-based asset management system to create asset tags and identify asset-related information including procurement, item location and other data using barcode scanning. This way we can accurately track lost or misplaced items, control expenditure on purchase of assets and keep track of the inventory in real-time. This solution saves K-12 schools, colleges and universities significant amount of time, resources and money.


  • The use of RFID and mobile barcode scanning allows education institutions to audit and keep track of your assets, and create new asset codes and tag them for identification.
  • Track all the assets and their status updates like new, damaged, repaired, replaced, moved or disposed. This gives a clear idea for all about identifying assets and assign them to staff based on requests.
  • Asset scheduling allows to create schedules for the required or requested assets for procurement and deliver a hassle free solution for all.
  • Reporting and Notification gives a detail information of the location, who they are assigned to, any request for assets, and the status of assets, in real-time.
  • View all your assets on mobile apps to access information from anywhere, anytime.


  • Avoid manual data entry and eliminate errors to save time
  • Eliminate asset data redundancies within large collection of files
  • Convenient use of RFID and barcoding to identify, manage and control assets
  • Cost-effective solution to efficiently manage asset records and accurately track assets and location in real-time
  • Optimize asset utilization and better resource allocation
  • Manage assets and inventory with strict compliance to state regulations
  • Proactive prevention of theft to equipment and other properties
  • Protect against tampering and unauthorized usage of asset labels
  • Accurate asset valuations to reduce insurance costs    
  • Dynamic reporting and analytics helps institutions to take informed decisions


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