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6 warning signs that your student recruitment system is outdated

07 / 07 / 2016 Sriram

When colleges and universities began stepping up recruitment of students, administrators knew they needed a recruitment management software. Unfortunately, it’s not always that obvious.

In the best of times, student recruitment is going to be a stressful thing for everyone that they get afraid if their enrolment targets aren’t achieved.

Here are some signs it’s time for your college or university to upgrade to a student recruitment CRM software.

1. Queuing up for admission forms is no longer realistic

Previously, we could queue up and buy application forms for admissions to programs and courses. Then, the technology grew and the prospective students became alarmingly very high and we knew we needed an online recruitment system to apply for programs online. Educational institutions are under pressure to collect a large number of applications and document the admission processes.

2. You’re still using an obsolete paper-based system in the 21st century

Don’t rely on paper-based recruitment processes and repeat the problems. This is kind of aggravation can be avoided if you have an automated system to capture data. If you want to improve student service, send real-time status notifications at every stage of the admission process. 

3. You can grow your enrolment

At lower volumes manual processing of applications though inefficient, is tolerable. But, at a certain point, when the student enrolment grows, it cries out for an automated admission system. Store all your documents in one place, and give staff powerful tools for enrolling students to programs and courses. Generate reports quickly and easily on recruitment statistics & trends to support smart decisions. Smart admission system can identify the best talent and dramatically increase your enrolment.

4. Sophisticated recruitment software can ease your defects

Having numerous issues with an antiquated system is always going to be stressful. But, cutting-edge student admission system can greatly improve your efficiency with ease-of-use, flexibility and customizability, and what it can do for your institution and its constituents is something phenomenal.

5. Figure out your recruitment needs

Many education software offer advanced features. While these flashy features are appealing, many systems can’t even handle the basics. Ensure your chosen system offer the most comprehensive features that include:

  • Manage applications with custom workflows & forms
  • Auto-assign applications
  • Store & manage documents online
  • Manage seat allocation by various categories
  • Evaluate applications based on selection criteria
  • Track application status
  • Conduct online tests & interviews
  • Manage fee payments
  • Generate dashboards & reports 
  • Automatic notifications & alerts via email, SMS & push messages in mobile devices

6. Connect with multiple campuses in multiple locations     

Previously, we could reach out to prospects in the campus. Then, when the college grew with multi-campus education and student population became overwhelming very quickly. With rapid increase in enrolment and faculty-to-student ratio, we knew we needed a more streamlined recruitment tools for administrators, faculty and staff to capture all the admission processes from enquiry to student registration and enrollment. When students and staff is spread over different time zones and geographies, a centralized Education ERP System with mobile app support for real-time status tracking of admission process is essential. Manual updates also become cumbersome at a certain institute size. An education management system can keep the constituents in the loop with automated email notifications and SMS alerts.

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