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5 ways to enhance students’ learning experiences with a course catalog software

17 / 10 / 2017 Sriram

Course Catalog is a resource that will help students to browse and search for various programs and courses of study. The catalog comes in handy to familiarize students with the university structure and study program offerings. The catalog displays information on graduate and undergraduate programs, course requirements, elective options, and academic policies.

Technology can wrap higher education around the needs of the learner 

Course management becomes simple and easy in colleges and higher education institutions with a course catalog software to handle academic content, while reducing their dependence on paper-based catalogs.  In today’s competitive education industry, if students don’t have a rich learning experience, institutions are likely to notice a fall in students’ enrolment. Here are top five ways to help improve student experience with an online course catalog:

1. Keep students engaged with accurate course information

Students had left us in no doubt about their need for accurate and timely course information and never have out-of-date catalogs. Moreover, editing and checking catalog is tedious and time-consuming. Academic catalog management system allows you to create attractive and engaging content with a comprehensive audit trail of decisions made along the way. 

2. Automated workflows

Powerful and flexible workflow engine allows institutions to create, manage and publish interactive course information in real time. Simple workflow tools can manage all programs, courses and academic policies of the institution. Increase accuracy and validity in the course catalog with various types of status reports.

3. Robust, predictive search

Students can quickly find accurate, personalized information in the online course catalog – programs, courses, timetable, degree requirements and other learning experiences with robust, predictive search. Students can use filter options such as course numbers, titles, and keywords to refine results and get the right course information.

4. Simple and easy registration

Students who are looking for a particular course of study in the course catalog can simply search and register for courses offered in the current semester.

5. Secure cloud-based system

Cloud-based course catalog with a highly secure role-based authentication system allows you to confidently assign tasks with multiple user roles and store digital information in a single repository and share it many places. Managing integrated course information of colleges and universities across multiple campuses from one centralized location.

The five ways of using course catalog software is the beginning of the journey to improve learner’s experience. This will provide accurate and consistent information desired by students and improve their perception as well.

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