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5 tips to improve student retention in higher education

23 / 06 / 2015 Charlie Robinson

Educational Institutions are more focused on achieving enrollment goals and sometimes they forget that student retention is an essential driver to boost student success rate and retention. The success of an higher education institution is not about student retention alone.

Technology-enabled student lifecycle management system ensure students are making continuous progress in real-time throughout the lifecycle. The way cloud and mobile technology successfully blends with their academic activities has significant impact on the overall achievement of the institution. The following five suggestions will make a strong impact to improve student retention and success:

1. Enrollment & Registration

Students always find it difficult adjusting with new environment and have some confusions regarding the course they really want to register. Student enrollment and registration system provides clear student pathways to help institution increase student success.

2. Discussion Forum

Institution should engage and empower students, right from initial inquiry and admission to graduation. They should encourage student participation through online discussion forum, chat, and social media to share course information.  Institutes should work from the top level in providing services and channels where the students can engage and share their views.

3. Course Management

When students are happy with the educational environment they will focus more on their studies and other academics. Post your syllabus, lesson plans, and assignment and upload the content directly in the learning management system. This makes it easier for students to access the course content in any format.  Use reporting and analytics to identify the areas students have difficulties in making progress and what are important to improve student success.

4. Real-time Student Tracking

Track student attendance, grades, assignments, examination, and discipline activities in the classroom in real time via website and mobile devices. This provides a clear indication that they are missing opportunities to engage with the course content and interaction with the community.

5. Mobile-friendly

Extent student services across mobile devices to access content. Institutes should have a well-organized environment and keep students informed at every stage using SMS alerts and push notifications. Optimize academic activities such as syllabus, assignments, and tests to enable students to browse and quickly find the information they need.

There are many ways to improve student retention. Creatrix Campus offers cloud and mobile-enabled higher education management solution which can help students to connect and collaborate with the course and the community and make your academic programs more student-focused to promote student retention and success.

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