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12 ways online curriculum mapping supports competency-based education

23 / 06 / 2016 Sriram

Curriculum mapping is a systematic process to identify gaps and redundancies within the curriculum. With the wide adoption of competency-based education standards in higher education all over the world, educational institutions are focused on developing curriculum with modern teaching methods and assessments. Integrating cloud, digital and mobile technologies in curriculum development and delivery can help students acquire demonstrable competencies for improving learning outcomes. 

Curriculum management software using cutting-edge teaching tools such as slides, videos and virtual reality, and online assessment tools including tests, quizzes, feedback and puzzles are used for real-time tracking of student’s progress, and also align with the standards. Faculty can customize mapping of the skills and attributes with the program and course outcomes based on the requirements. Mapping different elements in the curriculum can be easily demonstrated. This will render teaching and learning highly authentic and transparent. 

Here are the 12 ways higher education institutions can use online curriculum mapping to improve learning outcomes:

1. Improved Learning Experience

Online Curriculum Mapping is a learner-centered, results-oriented software system focused on mapping skills of students, facilitate pedagogy, demonstrate learning through online tests and quizzes, to improve student’s learning experience.

2. Competency-based Curriculum Builder 

Online Curriculum Builder enable faculty to generate online curriculum units, align them to standards and competencies, and generate graphical curriculum maps that help to identify gaps and redundancies in standards coverage. With competency-based education solution create custom reports which allow teachers to map out multiple subjects or multiple grade levels in a single report.

3. Meeting the Standards-based Instruction

Our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface enable educational institutions to easily implement any standard covered across courses or groups of units. Instructors can create or rewrite standards in a student-friendly language.

4. Concept Maps 

Powerful planning tools to create concept maps including teaching strategies and time allocation to develop course content which is meaningful, relevant, pedagogically sound, and interesting to students.

5. Customizable Templates 

Creatrix Campus allows you to create templates for curriculum mapping system with built-in functional features which can be customized based on the needs of the institute. This includes custom forms and fields, file uploads, sharing units to another course, and many more.

6. Mapping EPAs 

Curriculum prepares students to perform activities for achieving results. Enable accurate mapping of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) to different levels of competencies, teaching activities and assessments for entrustment decision-making.  

7. Curriculum Units & Lesson plans

Teachers can easily create and share lesson plans and curriculum units with other teachers. Creatrix Campus helps to ensure that every student is guaranteed the opportunity to engage with the same quality learning goals.

8. Curriculum Calendar    

Online calendar is a great tool which help teachers map or organize their lesson plan and units throughout the academic session.  

9. Result-oriented Assessments    

Create your teaching and assessment methods to measure students' progress. Create online assessments for students including tests, quizzes, and puzzles. Students can access assessment material across website and mobile devices. Identify the gaps in the assessments for changing or re-evaluation of curriculum.

10. Faculty Evaluation & Student Surveys

Faculty Management Software enable teachers to enter their evaluations and then assign it for reviewers, who can give ratings and comments for each evaluation. Student surveys allow students to involve with the faculty and course evaluation. View the survey results showing the ratings of evaluators across website and mobile devices. Create custom evaluation and survey templates according to your requirements.

11. Discussion Forum    

Online discussion forum allows faculty to engage in online discussions about curriculum units, or about any other topic initiated by authorized users. Enable administrators to participate in any ongoing discussions.

12. Advanced Security

Creatrix Campus provides a 360-degree protection security system to institutions with role-based authorization & authentication before any data is being retrieved. This eliminates all unintended security holes in the application. The system is designed to eliminate all brute-force virus attacks and security vulnerabilities to render them ineffective.

Creatrix Campus offers next generation technology tools to map the skills, knowledge, and attributes of students for successful completion of programs/courses to improve learning outcomes, which are based on needs of the learner & society. Consistent, easy-to-access curriculum library to institutions, that will grow and evolve from year-to-year.

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