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10 Big Reasons Why Your College Needs an Admission and Enrolment Management System

05 / 03 / 2018 Abhishek Das

Since you are here, then you were probably searching for an admission management software or trying to figure out if you needed one. I will help you out. Have a look at the following questions and see if any of them resonates -

  • Has your college started experiencing a dip in student enrolments and subsequently a dip in admissions?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get the right candidates for your college?
  • Is it becoming difficult for you to keep track of all the enquiries coming through your website?
  • Are your college applicants going to other colleges?

These questions might seem unrelated, the answer however falls in the ballpark of an online Admission and Enrolment software. If you ponder around these questions too often, then you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Almost all major higher education institutions today are looking at automating the admission process or online enrolment process. And why wouldn’t they, with a good solution, they would be killing multiple birds at once. Here are the 10 big reasons why you need an Admission and Enrolment Management Software -

  1. Creating admission process workflow

    The first important reason to have an admissions management platform is for creating admission workflow. Think about it, do you want to start creating a building without having a blueprint for it. A good software should allow you to establish the entire process and automate wherever necessary. You can have 5 stages in the admission process or 10, and a software should let you establish them.Admission Process Workflow
  2. Managing online admission enquiries

    Almost all colleges have websites, most of them have enquiry forms or registration forms. But hardly any of them have automated enquiry management processes. Even after showing interest in your college, more than half of the students won’t join. Why? This happens because they don’t get on-time information or they find a seemingly better option. Manual processes such as sending emails, scheduling interviews & asking for documents take all your time. A good system should automate all this and make your process smoother.
  3. Applicant status tracking

    From the time a student submits the registration form, the system should guide him through the entire process. Once the student completes the registration process, he should be able to view the status of his application in real time. This would save multiple calls to your office asking for status. Imagine having that kind of support and the numerous man hours saved on calls.
  4. Applicant evaluation and ranking

    Do you want better evaluation parameters to find candidates who are the best fit for your college? An admission management system isn’t just a good registration solution but a good candidate evaluator as well.
  5. Online qualifying tests

    Ever felt that the student you admitted might not be as good a fit as he initially seemed? A system should help you screen the students better like setting up a small exam to check their subject knowledge. This would especially come in handy in case of foreign applicants.
  6. Payment processing

    You have established the entire process, but are unable to send payment reminders to students or guardians? A good solution would send regular automated reminder emails, generate invoices for you while also helping the students’ process payment.
  7. Chatbot for clearing queries

    Lack of transparency in the admission process leads to anxiousness and anxious students make calls to college. A lot of calls. A chatbot accompanied with your online registration software solution would make it complete and improve its effectiveness multifold.
  8. Going paperless

    Forget about managing documents and hours of data entry into your Student Information System. A top-shelf solution would integrate with your SIS and feed student data directly into it thus making the transition seamless.
  9. Improving communication

    Ever lost student interest due to lack of communication? An enrolment management system that allows the admissions team to interact with students in real time is the solution. After all, communication is the key.
  10. Improving institutional effectiveness

    By far the biggest is to ensure that all your manpower and resources are used effectively. Optimizing and automating processes would only bring your benefits and result in increased institutional effectiveness.

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