Discipline & Behavior Management System for Schools

Student discipline tracker, incident management & behavior reporting tool in one.


    Discipline management software for K-12 schools

    Ideal for all types of schools, grades and sizes, the software is loaded with powerful reporting, analytics and mobile-ready capabilities.


    Discipline strategies & interventions

    Track student discipline and bullying, and help schools promote positive behavior and conduct at the student level and incident level in a collaborative environment.


    Manage disruptive behavior in classrooms

    Track disciplinary incidents and follow-up actions, maintain records, create reports, monitor penalties and send notifications on infractions by email and SMS.


    Custom discipline reports

    Customize discipline reports, behavior tracking, violations, penalties, letters and forms to benefit schools and students.



    Track discipline incidents

    Get complete control over discipline. Manage and track discipline incidents with students that occur at school including bullying, accidents, vandalism, and medical issues.


    Reward System

    With Creatrix Campus, schools can create schemes to reward students, for more than just academics. These schemes help students to improve positive discipline and engagement.


    Customize discipline records

    Using cloud based behavior management software generate powerful reports on discipline trends, bullies and victims. Generate automatic charts and graphs to track any type of incident to have the biggest impact to your school.


    Create letters on incidents

    Create customized discipline letters based on incident data to notify student incidents to parents. Generate forms with pre-filled incident data to document discipline issues.


    View incidents on mobile

    Capture data on disciplinary infraction or positive behavior from the scene of the incident on mobile devices from anywhere on campus using our mobile app.


    Manage grievances

    Track grievances of students and conduct investigations to resolve inappropriate behavior issues. Configure deadlines, reminders and alerts via Email and Messaging throughout the grievance process.


    Track penalties for incidents

    Record student misconduct and automatically assign penalties for incidents. View outstanding penalty points accumulated by students over the year.


    Report bullying incidents

    Track all types of behavior like bullying, cyber bullying, racism, and more, and analyze information. Automatically create letters, emails, or SMS to parents about bullying incidents.


    Custom behavior tracking

    Create customizable behavior management system to track positive or negative behavior in real-time. Access charts or graphs, reports that reveal student behavior patterns and send internal notifications from anywhere.




    Eliminate manual work


    Eliminate paper-based behavior on attendance, dress code, and behavior violations, and save time.


    Eliminate redundancy and duplication of efforts


    Reduce double-keying errors


    Speed up processing and retrieval of data


    Improve classroom discipline


    Manage classroom challenges efficiently and improve discipline for teachers.


    Reduce time spent by students outside classrooms.


    Improve communication between students and teachers


    Efficient Discipline Management


    Get the most successful interventions that works best for your school


    Develop a culture of positive reinforcement


    Reduce behavior issues


    Track student incidents, merit & reward


    Enhance student’s skills and character


    Early warning system


    Send automatic notification alerts by email or SMS to staff or teachers.


    Auto-generate letters and forms on student incidents to stakeholders.


    Develop the best discipline strategies and interventions for students


    Achieve student success


    Safe learning


    Maximize student’s potential


    Improve student safety, security and accountability


    Reinforce school values and good student conduct


    Powerful Reporting & Insights


    Role-based secure access to staff to view reports from anywhere


    Fast and convenient access to reports in a matter of seconds


    Powerful insights into bullying and behavior issues