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Discipline, Behavior and Incidents Management

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Improve student safety, security and accountability. Communicate with discipline committee at a click.

Faculty / Staff

Manage challenges efficiently and minimize discipline incidents. Track student incidents, merit and rewards.


Role-based secure access to staff to view reports from anywhere. Powerful insights into bullying and behavior issues.

Key features that sets us apart

Define Workflow

Define the entire workflow and assign a proper hierarchy with role-based access. This workflow will let students, staff, mentors, wardens etc to upload any incident that they witness. Mark the victim, offender, witness etc over the mobile app or portal and this directly integrates with the SIS. 

Auto-generate letters and forms on student incidents to stakeholders. Create customized discipline letters based on incident data to notify student incidents to parents. Generate forms with pre-filled incident data to document discipline issues.

  •  Incident Management
  •  Manage disruptive behavior in or out of classrooms
  •  Manage and Custom workflows

Heat-Map & Tracking

Get complete control over discipline and behavior issues. Manage and track discipline incidents with students that occur at school including bullying, accidents, vandalism, and medical issues. Automatically create letters, emails, or SMS to parents about incidents.

Create customizable behavior management system to track positive or negative behavior in real-time. Access charts or graphs, reports that reveal student behavior patterns and send internal notifications from anywhere.Track incidents from multiple participants including students, teachers, and the campus community by location and infraction from web and mobile devices.

  •  Heat Map of incidents
  •  Time reports tell you which part of year incidents are high
  •  Custom behavior tracking
  •  Location-based tracking

Anywhere & Everywhere

Anywhere & Everywhere

All the system requires is staff members or students can upload information of the incident and attach the photograph. There is no restriction on the place of incident. Hostel grounds, classrooms, library, any incident can be tracked on Creatrix Campus Behavior management system

The student names can be entered into the system, which automatically integrates with the SIS. This allows the incidents to be tracked per student. The history of the incidents of every student is transparent.

  •  Both students and staff report incidents
  •  Track grievances
  •  Track student activities

Incident Verdict

Automated discipline tracking system allows you to configure institute policies and specific penalties for specific infractions and send automatic warnings to the participants to ensure that every student who commits a disciplinary breach receives an early warning and the specified consequences in a fair and transparent manner.

Record student misconduct, specify consequences accordingly, so that consequences escalate with repeated incidents and automatically assign penalties for incidents. Track demerits or points accumulated by students over the year.With Creatrix Campus, schools can create schemes to reward students, for more than just academics. These schemes help students to improve positive discipline and engagement.

  •  Assign warnings
  •  Track penalties for incidents
  •  Reward System
  • View incidents on mobile

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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