Student Assignment Management System

Comprehensive assignment management software for managing assignments, schedules, requests and usage rights entirely through online and mobile devices.


    Easy & Efficient Assignment Management

    Creatrix Campus makes assignment management system efficient by providing assignment tracking system, document management, reporting & efficient communication.


    Fully customizable

    The student assignment software for education powered by Creatrix Campus is fully customizable built-in automated processes and workflow.


    Integrated and automated email & messaging

    Integrated and automated email notifications and alerts helps keep students and parents keep informed by giving access to student's assignments via online and mobile devices.


    Built-in student database

    A built-in student database stores student’s biographic and demographic information in one place for fast access to assignments by the right student.



    Create assignments

    Create a new assignment or reuse assignments or create multiple assignments to classes, which can be accessed and updated by faculties and students, in real-time.


    Upload documents

    Enable faculties to upload high volume of data related to student’s assignments for institutions of all sizes.


    Track assignments

    Faculties can track the status of assignments and their due dates for follow-up with students. Also faculties can set up and track any other tasks.


      Submit assignments

      Online assignment management system enable students to identify the course and submit assignments with the ability to add comments. Students can also submit extension requests..


      Calendar integration

      Integrate easy-to-use assignment calendar into the system for increased scrutiny of assignment submission within the stipulated period.


      Review assignments

      Enable faculties to download the assignments submitted by students, review assignments with comments, and assign grades for the same.


        Role-based authorization

        Role-based security settings permits only authorized users to access confidential assignment documents. Faculties have the power to add or delete assignments.


        Access documents

        Keep assignments documents to be shared and stored in one place. Enable students to access assignment-related information.


        Share feedback

        Enable faculties to share feedback on assignments with students and parents, and know the progress of students.



        Easy & clear to use


        Reduce the stress of marking & save time with student assessment management system.


        Flexibility to create & modify assignments


        Click and see all the assignments with attachment files and web links


        Highly secure


        Efficiently manage assignments and extension requests


        Fast access to authorized users to view and update assignments


        Highly secure with user authentication and role-based access control


        Efficient communication


        Streamline exchange of information and improve communication.


        Create, delegate and communicate assignments with a few clicks


        Supports online and mobile devices including iPhone & Android