How technology-enhanced outcome based education programs can improve student success

How technology-enhanced outcome based education programs can improve student success



Outcome-based education (OBE) is an emerging trend in education market that is focused on student’s demonstration of learning at the end of the course. OBE transforms learning experience by convergence of various educational inputs and processes including teaching, learning, skills, competencies, course content, and instruction that is made available to students. The quality of education in institutions are rigorously tested to determine whether they are robust and effective. OBE programs and courses are evaluated to ensure they deliver appropriate outcomes.

How OBE is different from other learning models:

  • Student-focused learning model
  • Clear criteria for measurement and achievement of competencies
  • Personalized, adaptive learning model
  • Learner support provided at every stage 
  • Learners are given adequate time to achieve mastery of skills
  • Disruptive Technologies leading to revolution in OBE programs 

Higher education is undergoing radical transformation worldwide. A dramatic overhaul of programs, regulatory framework, combined with the onset of disruptive digital technologies, has triggered significant changes in managing courses and curriculum, class scheduling, instruction delivery, graduate attributes, assessment methods, feedback system towards attainment of student’s learning outcomes. Outcome based education software is student-centered with easy mapping of learner’s skills, knowledge and competencies with learning outcomes. It is flexible enough to adjust to a learner’s strengths and weaknesses to attain the targeted proficiency level in the program or course.

Features that make OBE a winner

  • Highly configurable learning path for students
  • Learning outcomes with multi-level, multi-dimensional capabilities
  • Mapping of knowledge, skills, competencies, attitude and values with learning outcomes
  • Outcome-based curriculum management system
  • Interactive teaching using built-in multimedia
  • Collaborative tools to improve interactions between students, faculty and peers through discussion forum, quizzes & surveys
  • Customizable rubric outcomes
  • Continuous quality improvement tools
  • Real time progress tracking
  • Powerful reporting tools and data visualization
  • Integration with external applications

Benefits unlocked

  • Smooth transition to a robust OBE-based curriculum      
  • Promote student-centered approach to learning and teaching
  • Automated mapping of complex relationship among learning outcomes, learning opportunities, curriculum content, and the assessment of the students
  • Restructuring of institution and planning process is easy
  • Accreditation enablement along with achievement of outcomes to improve education quality using accreditation management software
  • Enable students to easily perform outcome based assessment tasks
  • Easily link student learning relevant with each learning outcome
  • Variety of tools and methods to achieve constructive alignment and assessment of outcomes
  • Dashboards and reports to measure achievement of student's learning outcomes
  • Ensure students accountability to learning, support curriculum-based measurement and facilitate the quality-assurance process

OBE in the 21st century

Such a paradigm shift to innovate OBE programs on instruction, assessment, and support can be transformational. With software tools, it can yield remarkable results for learners and higher education institutions. However, it requires the support of 21st century educators for the lift when they draft the transition plan.

If you’re interested to implement OBE with ease and enable accreditation immediately please feel free to contact us for a hassle-free consultation.



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