A new way to foster adaptive teaching online

A new way to foster adaptive teaching online



Adaptive teaching is aimed at achieving successful instructional outcomes in classrooms by adopting different learning strategies to different student groups. Traditional teaching methods in higher education are adding burden on students. Engaging with the study materials and resources create a learning problem for students. It means that students that learning will be tedious and boring. Very few learners can link pedagogical methods to outcomes. 

Modern approaches in adaptive teaching offers a solution to these problems. Smart classrooms engage the students and equip students with necessary knowledge and skills to benefit from various instruction channels that result in optimal learning. Adaptive teaching leverages various digital tools and mobile devices to support longstanding learning practices such as text books and resources. Technology is personalized towards individual learning styles.  Technology-enabled teaching is an invaluable pedagogic practice which can be applied to various classroom activities using powerful online tools and techniques:


  • Using higher education ERP software for data analysis, visualization and forecast of assessment methods to predict learning outcomes and create a personalized learning path for students 
  • Online curriculum mapping tools to align instructions with program & course outcomes 
  • Outcome based learning tools & resources for implementing course outcomes, standards & assessing competencies
  • Gamified learning via slides and videos with target based learning to ensure student success
  • Multiple class schedules for different time periods with the ability to add, edit or cancel schedules, and assign student groups
  • Monitor learning with goals and tasks linked to lessons
  • Create and track unit and lesson plans to manage course progress
  • Multiple assessments such as online tests, exams and quizzes using question bank database 
  • Weightage-based gradebooks with customized outcome parameters 
  • Class & Course dashboards for real-time tracking of student progress
  • Share documents and video learning materials with students in a learner-centric environment 
  • Automatic notifications via email, SMS alerts & push notifications from mobile devices

Benefits of high tech adaptive teaching 

There are various benefits of high technology adaptive teaching such:

  • Online communication and collaboration tools facilitates task performance and improves learning experience of students
  • Self-directed learning via online assessments and teaching methods measure various aspects of learning and improve creative thinking, innovation and perseverance to ensure student success. 
  • Educational institutions can leverage big learning data using online and mobile devices to monitor student activities in real time.
  • Improve teaching performance with the influx of digital tools 
  • Customizable, scalable and flexible tools for adaptive instructions, personalized instruction and differentiated instruction
  • Online discussion forum and survey questionnaire techniques enable learning ownership to students
  • Curriculum mapping tools help students to identify a problem and actually embark on solving it


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