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How to use curriculum mapping for improving teaching & learning?

10 / 03 / 2016 Riaz Ahamed

With the rising demand of online education in the 21st century, majority of higher education leaders have recognized the importance of online course delivery to attract more students. While many universities are delivering high quality programs to grow enrollment numbers, but they are not strategically planning to make students competent and skillful. Curriculum mapping plays an important role to fill this gap.
Curriculum mapping is a process of aligning resources, activities, assessments, instruction, and other learning aspects in a school or  college.
Easy to use curriculum mapping tools
Curriculum management software helps to identify which units of study in the curriculum are redundant. Such curriculum mapping information can be identified to develop graduate attributes in each year across various programs in the university. The same process can be applied to target data elements such as essential questions, skills required, competencies, topics to be discussed, learning activities, teaching resources and materials and tasks. For example the Unit Cell and Molecular structure has been handled by various departments and programs like Bio-Chemistry, Pathology, Biomedical Science, Botany, Forensic Science, pharmacy and many more.
Improve student experience
Planning a curriculum for a college or university without the support of technology is time-consuming and frustrating. This is where Creatrix Campus comes into play. With its user-friendly functionality, Creatrix Campus helps faculty and administrators to design and develop a feature-rich curriculum that aligns with learning outcomes and improve student success.
Save time and resources
Creatrix Campus provides a complete curriculum search within the program’s curriculum that identifies the redundant teaching events. Using this, Creatrix Campus provides cross listed and concurrent course scheduling to save faculty time and coherence while strengthening curriculum integration.
Curriculum for 21st century teaching & learning
Creatrix Campus designs the best user interface to enable multiple curriculum mapping of all data elements with an integrated Curriculum Mind Mapping View (CMMV). CMMV provides a clear and comprehensive mind map of the program and faculty or teacher to support creative teaching. With curriculum mapping tools, provide quality experience to students to ensure collaborative learning, reflective practice, communication and generic graduate attributes.

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