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10 benefits of using curriculum mapping system

01 / 04 / 2015 Sriram

Curriculum mapping system gives teachers the automated tools to create, edit, search and upload data for syllabus, lessons, and the curriculum.

Simplify curriculum mapping

Schools are increasingly facing challenges to improve student achievement than ever before. Using the latest education technology, curriculum mapping software improves collaboration between students, administrators and teachers and propel student success.  Here are the 10 benefits of using curriculum mapping system to increase student outcomes.


1. Increase student achievement

Create and analyze curriculum with compliance to standards. Curriculum mapping system is a powerful tool designed for teachers using cutting-edge technology for making continuous learning improvements and increase student achievement.  

2. Simple, user-friendly & cost-effective

Curriculum mapping system is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for educational institutions. By cutting back on the time spent with manual processing, institutions can automate, simplify and streamline curriculum tasks to make teachers more effective.        

3. Enhance communication & collaboration

Curriculum Mapper allows real-time communication and collaboration between teachers and students for taking informed decisions.

4. Enrich learning and instruction delivery

Teachers can upload documents, files and images to their curriculum maps and provide role-based access to students to view the attachments. Cloud-based syllabus tracking and lesson planning software allows easy access to curriculum, syllabus and lesson plan data wherever you are.

5. Performance tracker

Curriculum mapping is an ongoing process focused on student learning and success. Create dashboards and reports on curriculum data including assignments, examination, tests and assessments to help teachers and administrators track and analyze the impact of curriculum maps on student achievement.

6. Easy to integrate

Technology integration is challenging, but can be made easy after making some adjustments. Seamlessly integrate Curriculum Mapping software with existing systems or third party applications.

7. Fully customizable

The Curriculum Management solution is fully customizable to adapt to the unique needs of schools across multiple campuses.

8. Highly safe & secure

Data security breaches is a major area of concern for administrators, but security, safety and secrecy is not an issue with Curriculum Mapper. Role-based authentication enables eligible students to safely access records and prevents unauthorized users to gain entry into the system.

9. Curriculum on the go

Curriculum mapping system can be accessed on mobile devices including iPhone and Android phones. Get real-time curriculum updates right on the palm of your hand.

10. Flexible deployment options

By providing flexibility in deployment, the institute can host the curriculum mapping system on cloud or on premises.

Need help to know more about the benefits of curriculum mapping? Not sure how to get started with curriculum delivery? We can help! Contact us now and our team is ready to assist you with the process of mapping or technology integration.

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