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Mobile Document Management System

Make the transition to paperless education institutions with cloud and mobile document management system for various projects, tasks, and processes.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Get access documents to documents from anywhere, anytime from web and mobile devices. Ease of storage and retrieval of documents when required with capabilities of regular backup/separate storage of the backup for electronic documents.

Faculty / Staff

Highly secure and safe storage of documents that prevents unauthorized access to documents and recover documents that are lost or damaged. Easy routing of documents for reviews and automated approval workflows.


Save time, energy and money with a robust document management system serving as a single hub for capturing, storing and retrieving documents for day-to-day operations.

Key features that sets us apart

Document Input

Capture, store and retrieve different document types including application forms, brochures, assignments, gradebook, question papers, reports, catalogs, eBooks, eJournals, and more.Enable students, teachers and administrators to upload multiple documents including student data, assignments, forms, images and video and save in different file formats.

Get anywhere, anytime access to various types of documents stored across multiple locations and devices to connect and collaborate with stakeholders throughout an institution.Creatrix Campus offers an easy-to-use & paperless DMS software with fully customizable features and built-in reporting tools to help institutions solve their problems.

  •  Storage and Retrieval
  •  Multiple File Uploads
  •  Track Location
  •  Customization

Scanning and Archiving

Import electronic files, documents and images and using scanning tools quickly capture, convert and store all your files in standardized formats in the DMS software.Configure archiving policy to ensure that active documents are updated in real-time before they are archived. Define time limits for retention or disposal of records.View the latest version of all documents, images, audio and video with just few clicks.

  •  Scanning
  •  Archiving and Disposal
  •  Version Control

User Roles and Security

Robust security platform with role-based access control and authentication system.Define roles and privileges to different users and groups the rights to control access to and modify documents. Assign user-defined permissions to create, edit, publish and delete documents.Seamlessly update the file history in real-time and check the audit trails in the background.

  •  Robust security
  •  User Roles and Permissions
  •  Audit Trails


Get complete visibility to your documents with dashboard reporting and graphical charts to provide statistics and data to various documents, status, version, approval and usage.Secure mobile access to all the documents stored on the cloud or on-premises on iOS and Android applications and share, add comments and Like using social media tools.Creatrix Campus gives you the freedom to seamlessly integrate the document management system for higher education with Dropbox and Google Drive or any other applications such as SIMS, CMS etc.

  •  Reports
  •  Mobile App
  •  Integration

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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