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Easy-to-use & Customized Creatrix Campus CMS for Higher Education

The next generation higher education CMS software for educational institutions with Mobile, Social, Analytics & Cloud capabilities.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Seamlessly connect with faculty and staff and simplify information exchange including mobile access to accomplish tasks every day.

Faculty / Staff

Harness the power and control of CMS to manage content with custom reports, role-based permissions and access to users. With easy editing and management of the content even by a non-tech savvy makes college content management system a powerful web application which includes Enrollment, Course Finder, Research Library and more.


Creatrix Campus is dedicated to support education and promote student success. We have developed cutting-edge features and functionalities to help colleges and Higher Education adopt a CMS with minimal input from the user.Creatrix Campus provides professional College a way to enhance their performance benchmark.

Key features that sets us apart


We have created a powerful Content Management System (CMS) in a collaborative environment that enables site administrators to post content across thousands of pages, quickly and easily. Creatrix Campus content management solutions delivers tons of features that includes customizable website templates, reusable content and an easy-to-use interface.The changes and upload is so much easier with our College CMS software. It saves you lot of time and money. Reduce manual work and trouble-free maintenance of website.

Powerful website can always be used for increasing your enrollment and as a marketing strategy to fend off competitors. User friendly website will be an USP for your institution.Create custom forms and fields to collect information for enrollment and admission process gives a competitive advantage to the college CMS.Creatrix Campus CMS for colleges provides the most secure payment gateway. Students can make online payment for fees for books, exams, study tours, etc. with convenience, safety and ease.Provide access to students, courses, faculty & staff directories.Capture events and engage your constituents with image galleries.Keep your audience informed with targeted messages.

  •  Powerful CMS
  •  Cost Saving
  •  Promotion Tool
  •  Custom forms
  •  Payment Gateway
  •  Directories
  •  Photo Galleries
  •  Email Notifications

Faculty and Parents

Creates a greater relationship between faculty and students. Staffs can use this as a platform to publish papers or provide study materials for the students.Create departments and allow faculty to create pages to showcase their work.

Always keep parents/guardians well informed and involved in all the activities and progress of their child. We provide private and secure messaging system for parents.An integration hub for all the lab equipments. Lab timings and list of equipments and lab manuals making it one stop information on lab and its quality.

  •  Faculty portal
  •  Faculty Pages
  •  Parent Portal
  •  Lab Manager


Students and parents can create their accounts for more personalized experience.Students and parents can search the course they are looking for with all the information on course curriculum.Education in digital age has changed all the traditional method of learning. With digital learning catching it's pace, students can make use of site as a hub for information.Allows student to look for jobs and placements and keep track on the changing trend in the job market.

Access to all research paper and journals published by college and other universities. Students can upload their research paper or ideas and interact and exchange ideas.Alumni can share information and fund college and events. Creatrix Campus bridges the gap between alumni and future students.Categorize your link in an user friendly way. With various e-learning, research paper..etc website and course website links can be made use by the students.

  •  Profile
  •  Course Finder
  •  e-Learning
  •  Career Finder
  •  Research Library
  •  Alumni Center
  •  Links


We provides a platform for promoting interaction between your teachers, students and parents with the help of blogs and forums. The news and events updates can be done by ease.Parents and students can find the forms and download them from here. College can upload rules and regulation documents. It will be an eco friendly way.Sometime students forget their exam and lab practical test date. The exam scheduling and time table gives students and parents help them to prepare and monitor their child.

View and share the latest news and announcements on the homepage. With unlimited news publishing or create news for different categories.More people use mobile devices to view update and news. Creatrix Campus College cms provides the solution with a mobile app to get notifications and news updates with one touch.Social network integration allows you to connect with a wider audience. It offers your site easy way to interact and engage with external media.

  •  Interaction
  •  Forms and Documents
  •  Exam Timetable
  •  News and Announcements
  •  Mobile App
  •  Social Media

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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