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Cloud ERP Platform for Higher Education

Start the revolution

Adeptly Functional

Updates plan of action and processes instantaneously without the intervention of IT, therefore lowering the cost of ownership versus legacy systems.


Renders an enhanced view into departments and projects with powerful reporting and analytic tools that support data-driven decision making.


Helps Organization/Institution manage a wide variety of data through effective use of customized dashboards, work-flows, reports, forms and fields.

Cloud and Mobile


Creatrix Campus is a cloud-based education ERP software used to build applications for colleges & universities with the ability to move the application on cloud. Highly secure SaaS self-provisioning to seamlessly provide necessary resources or integrate third-party applications without the help of dedicated IT staff. On-Demand deployment provides fast, easy, and flexible platform for rapid deployment of the database for educational institutions. The cloud application can be accessed for anywhere, anytime on any device like mobile, desktop, tabs etc. Creatrix Campus delivers key features and functions such as secure access to data on the cloud-based system, remote logging, real-time data updates, push notifications, calendar and event scheduling and more.

  • Cloud and Mobile Infrastructure
  • Data Management
  • User Management
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Application and Security
  • Notification and Message
  • Social Collaboration



SaaS Self Provisioning

Creatrix Campus provides in-house self-provisioning tools to seamlessly provide necessary resources or integrate third party applications without the help of a dedicated IT staff.

On-Demand Deployment

We provide fast, easy and flexible platform for rapid deployment of database for educational institutions. We go ahead to deploy, configure and customize a secure education management solution to keep your institution up and running.

Cloud Application

A cloud-based education ERP software it builds applications for Colleges & Universities. Handles requests from thousands of concurrent users and lets you include any number of modules into the system, in a single click.

Know More and Connect

Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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  • 11 / 08 / 2018
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Is it possible for a software to help get your educational institution that esteemed accreditation that you are aiming for?


User Management

User Management

Create new groups for students/faculty/staff/alumni or any combination of groups. Automatically adds users to groups and assign permissions and customizes data access for each group appropriately.


Completely configures and creates work-flows/rubrics/communications/customized menus and everything that befits the academic processes of the Institution. Allows users to easily navigate the system.

Application and Security

Creatrix Campus platform is designed with educational Institutions in mind. Our APIs enable colleges and higher education institutions to integrate and exchanges data from the community in a secure and scalable environment.

Zero Coding

An adaptable & people centric ERP solution, ours doesn’t require any coding. It curbs additional costs and delays and helps people working, rather than keep them waiting to catch up with the technology.