The ability of Creatrix to mind map the curriculum based on multiple layers including learning outcomes, assessments, competency standards of the profession, entrustable professional activities and graduate attributes is excellent.


Stephen Duffull

Dean School of Pharmacy
Otago University - New Zealand

    Enterprise Background

    The University of Otago, founded in 1869, is New Zealand’s oldest university with over 20,000 students. New Zealand's National School of Pharmacy, a constituent of the University of Otago prides itself on achieving excellence in pharmaceutical care. The School of Pharmacy periodically evaluates their curriculum and makes changes to maintain their high standards in education.



    The pharmacy education being more activity and outcome based requires a lot of monitoring and tracking to be done manually. Faculty scheduling and workload planning needed more visibility to maintain efficiency. The School of Pharmacy was actively scouting for a software that could address these need.Creatrix Campus stepped in with a cloud based web application specially designed for higher education to address their need. With vast experience in working with higher education providers,Creatrix Campus could add value to the school’s existing process.


    Visual Curriculum Mapping

    Creatrix Campus provided a visual mapping module which could give an overview of the mapped curriculum. All outcomes,activities,attributes and events could be easily mapped with curriculum data and represented in a visual map thus making planning and teaching easier. Performance indicators aligned to Bloom’s taxonomy measure the learning of the student to the designed curriculum. Flexible reporting options gave an overview of curriculum item covered in each course thus making life easy for faculty.


    Faculty Workload Planning

    Creatrix Campus’ workload planning module allowed the School of Pharmacy to efficiently plan the faculty hours based on their allocated load. Faculty hours corresponding to the load could be easily assigned to each assignment terms. Combined with a drill down reporting system, the School could track down hours spent and remaining on each assignment level.


    Flexible Scheduling

    Scheduling options allow flexibility to schedule by program,course,room,faculty and topic. The scheduling engine gives an overview of the room availability and avoids clash in scheduling. Additional rules can be set to have preference in scheduling and allocate accordingly.


    Improving Student and Faculty Engagement

    Creatrix Campus modules increased the visibility of student information and reporting for faculty. The use of visual maps increased the traceability of each learning item . Students could easily access the maps and chart their learning path. The use of an online platform has increased the productivity and engagement between faculty and students


    Ease of Reporting

    Reporting modules have given a wide array of reports and dashboards to monitor each aspect of the program . Downloadable reports in various formats help in easy use in mail and documents . Personalized dashboards help users see data regarding their function or program.


    Operational Benefits

    The School of Pharmacy could now plan their operations with data needs related to multiple departments at all levels all residing in one software.The availability of Creatrix Campus' ERP automation modules to their IT administrators allows them to make changes to the system to automate or add modules in future making this a truly future-proof system.The School of Pharmacy was able to benefit from the customization flexibility provided by Creatrix Campus to tailor the software to meet its current administrative process.