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Top 5 ways to improve student enrollment in charter schools

28 / 08 / 2015 Sriram

Charter Schools help improve education with parental involvement and innovative learning practices to improve academic outcomes of students. However, many of the Charter Schools are struggling to recruit students and achieve enrollment goals.

Charter Schools don’t have an enrollment cap and can recruit students from different geographic regions, but enrollment is difficult.

As you dig into your school’s options, use Charter School Management Software to easily track and manage large number of applicants, manage student data, assign lottery numbers, manage waitlists and streamline enrollment. Charter Schools can make use of these five great ways to improve child’s admission chances.          

1. Applicant Tracking

Eliminate huge pile of paper applications and manual work and replace with a paperless student admission system to reduce staff workload.    

2. Manage Students & Groups

Charter Schools serve a large number of students and children. Charter Schools are run by different groups. Cloud and mobile technologies support huge amount of data of students, teachers, staff, parents, and other stakeholders. Charter Schools can generate various kinds of reports to take intelligent data-based decisions from website and mobile devices.

3. Automate & Streamline Enrollment

Charter Schools are provided with automated tools to customize admission processes and streamline enrollment to provide opportunities for students to achieve at higher levels.

4. Automatic Lottery Number Assignment

Automatically assign lottery numbers in seconds to select from a huge pool of applicants and instantly notify them.
5. Wait-list Management

Charter Schools are free to customize wait listing of candidates according to their unique needs. Check wait list status in real time and parents are automatically notified via email, SMS alerts and push notifications. 

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