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11 / 08 / 2017 Riaz ahamed

10 ways school mobile apps can help parents monitor their child’s education

The school mobile app is a powerful communication tool for parents to establish communication with teachers, students and the principal. The significant use of the school mobile app is for helping parents monitor their child's academic performance. In the digital age, parents are in a position to attend to their children because of the hectic schedule. Here are ten important features of a school app to facilitate parental involvement.

1. Homework Assignments
View details of homework assignments submitted by the student. Check pending, late, incomplete and failed assignments and view instructor details. Get instant alerts if a child misses an assignment.   

2. Grades & Report Card
View student’s grades on all subjects. Access progress reports of students including homework assignments, quizzes, tests, attendance, and sports with teacher’s remarks and feedback. Ask help from teachers to improve grades.

3. Student Information
View the child’s data including biographic and demographic information, and fee payments.

4. Fee Payments
Access details of various fees categories, invoice and submit payments online. Track payment status in real-time. Get notifications on advance Payments, future charges, etc.

5. Attendance
Get attendance records of students in real-time. Check whether the student has signed in for the day and whether he was tardy or truant and receive instant alerts if the child does not show up. Get reports before showing dips in attendance level.

6. Library
Access library catalog to view the collection and the student’s records of transactions. Track details of student’s library visits, lending, fines due or late returns.

7. News & Events
View school notices, photo gallery, announcements and upcoming events in the calendar, and purchase tickets. Stay informed of the latest news, school holidays, community events, etc. that is happening in the school.

8. Directory
Get students, teachers and staff information with real-time updates.

9. Email & Messaging
Get automatic email notifications, reminders and SMS alerts on student and class activities such as attendance, homework, parent-teacher meetings, fee payments, exams, awards, health and events.. Send instant messages, reminders, photos and upload files/documents.

10. Push Notification
Get instant push notifications on the child’s attendance, homework, grades from anywhere, anytime.

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