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Mobile app allows school bus scheduling quickly and easily

09 / 06 / 2015 Sriram

Sometimes students arrive home late on the school bus. Wondering where the bus is will be a problem for the administrators and parents. They didn’t have that information. There is now a mobile app that allows schools to track the student’s bus ride in real time.

Route-based Scheduling

The app is ideal for schools of any size that need to schedule buses quickly and easily. Easily add vehicles and students to the schedule. Optimally assign students to routes. Bulk input students, the routes and timings they require for pickup/drop off and automatically generate the bus schedule.

GPS Tracking

Automatically track all the vehicles using GPS and Maps in your website or mobile devices. Real time monitoring of location information of buses including boarding points and destinations in the planned routes.


Create profiles of students, drivers and parents. Share bus schedule data for all students, administrators and parents.


Enable role-based security to ensure authorized students can access the bus schedule on the routes they need.


Create various reports of vehicle utilization, fee collection, fuel costs, etc. to improve the efficiency of student transportation services and increase bus route profitability.


Use the search feature to find all students travelling to colleges and bus routing data in real-time. Integration with the student information system and ensure that data is accurate and up-to-date.


Monitor student attendance using RFID and biometric system to report and maintain the student’s time and attendance in the bus.

Mileage Monitoring

Mileage monitoring is made easy, simple, and accurate. Automatically calculate fuel expenses and view the route information to make better decisions. Accurately maintain driver details and track driver’s activities.


Collect and track transportation fees from students over the academic year. Track status of fee payments in real-time and control the costs associated with the bus routes.

Automatic Alerts

Send instant alerts to parents when students use the vehicle to travel to and from home. Its function, simply put, provides automatic notifications when students board or get off their buses to reach the destination.

We make it easy to transition to cloud-based bus tracking system. Creatrix Campus leverages cutting-edge vehicle optimization tools to help schools track vehicles in real time, store data on students, drivers and vehicles, create schedules for routes, generate reports, and notify parents on vehicle and driver. The mobile app gives the added peace of mind to schools ensuring student safety. The transportation management system is available for iPhone and Android devices.

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