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How to balance academic workload and improve faculty performance

01 / 09 / 2016 Sriram

When the workload of faculty and staff is unbalanced, frustration, dissatisfaction and conflicts can result, as well as productivity issues and missed schedules.

In colleges and universities, workload policy is directed at supporting the mission and strategic directions of faculty, staff, courses, and the institution. Managing faculty workload effectively in an institution ensures equity, accountability, transparency and flexibility. Institutions need to analyze whether faculty members are spending their time on activities that coincide with their mission and vision or whether some faculty members might be more effective in programs other than their current assignments. 

These questions can be effectively answered by implementing a faculty management software which will enable institutions to deal with productivity issues in a time of tight budgets, while addressing the need for quality and student success. 

Workload & time management & faculty performance expectations

  • To rebalance the workload on a regular basis, automate faculty workload to ensure faculties in institutions optimally spend their time and align with the interests of the institution to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of operations. Faculty workload management system can help administrators to determine how best to divide the work.
  • Create faculty profile including knowledge, skills, research, awards, achievements, certifications, and work experience to assess the faculty is best qualified to handle teaching assignments, and map individual objectives to institutional goals 
  • Define faculty workload based on Full Time Equivalents (FTE) and performance calculation for teaching 
  • Using academic scheduling system review the total workload for courses and set workload target based on hours & assign teaching roles 
  • Filter schedules based on sessions, subjects & topics 
  • Track the current work schedule in real time to see if regular faculty members are available and whether substitute faculty is to be reported
  • Create custom groups and manage schedules
  • Automatically notify users based on scheduled/rescheduled classes or events using email, SMS alerts and push notifications 
  • View workload summary of faculty members across departments, programs and courses
  • With higher education software generate flexible and reliable reports to manage faculty and staff effectively. Customize reports with graphs and charts to support decision making
  • Conduct faculty peer reviews and student surveys using course/faculty evaluation system that would help administrators to rebalance the current workload for teaching, research and non-teaching activities, and make the program and course run more efficiently
  • Create action plan based on evaluation scores to enable faculty members to attend workshops, courses and conferences that promote the development of skills for both teaching and research

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