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5 advantages of using online assessment tools to evaluate students

21 / 03 / 2016 Ragavi Sivakumar

Education can effectively function using next generation tools. Cloud, digital and mobile technologies are increasingly used in the classroom for identifying and evaluating students in higher education. Teaching a large number of students in different classes and let students take a test or quiz is a tough challenge. Instructors not only find it time-consuming to conduct assessments such as assignments, tests, quizzes and surveys through manual processes, but also could not communicate the results with students and parents in real-time. Why not automate the classroom processes to make it much faster and easier for teachers and students?

The future of higher education

More and more schools and colleges have been adopting cloud and mobile technologies to save paper and reduce human involvement. Uploading and sharing assignments, conducting online tests, assigning grades, storing study materials, and creating lesson plan is a breeze!  Using automated tools is the easiest way to streamline the academic and administrative processes. 

Cloud-based student evaluation tools for better and quicker results 

  • Create online tests, quizzes & surveys using easy form builder
  • Publish & share your test results & feedback with students and parents
  • Enable students to submit assignments, projects etc. via online & mobile app for higher education
  • Generate reports with charts on online assessments in a single click

Five advantages of using online assessment tools 

  1. Online examination are highly interactive, customizable, trustworthy, secure, and can be accessed in multiple devices
  2. Great solution for busy class schedules. Easier evaluation & grading for all types of tests via mobile app
  3. Flexible assessment models with multiple choice questions based on various parameters providing instant feedback to students
  4. Assessing student learning at regular intervals is critical to institute success. Instructors can monitor the progress of each student in real-time and give help & guidance to students.
  5. Eliminate cheating and frauds during online tests  

With advancements in technologies, and faculty and students getting computer and mobile savvy, institutions want to transform teaching and learning in the classroom. The comfort of remote access to learning resources and doing it in one’s own space are influencing educators to effectively use online assessment tools to evaluate students and increase student success. 

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