Asset Management System



    Add & tag assets

    Automatically create or modify asset details using web or mobile app or import assets to the existing system from various formats.


    Scan assets

    Scan and log asset information using RFID, barcode and mobile devices to provide real-time update from anywhere


    Record & maintain assets

    Create asset records accurately with complete details including the asset model, user request, order, cost and more.


    Assign assets

    Assign assets including buildings, classrooms, lab equipment, etc. to departments, location or faculty and update the status changes.


    Assets tracking

    Track assets and inventories from IT assets and vehicle to furniture and equipment throughout their lifecycle on web and mobile devices


    Reporting & Notifications

    Real-time dashboard reports with charts, email notifications and SMS alerts on assets with complete audit trails by location, costs, etc.



    Maximize asset value


    Complete and accurate tracking.


    Maintain up-to-date asset records with photo.


    Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


    Manage software licensing and compliance processes.


    Optimize resource allocation


    Save manpower with automated tracking.


    Reallocate underutilized assets.


    Optimal utilization of hardware and software.


    Prevent asset theft and drift of equipment.


    Reduce asset expenditure


    Eliminate asset audit.


    Reduce insurance premium.


    Automated depreciation calculator to reflect real value of assets.


    Provide budget for maintenance.


    Reduce losses and save money by eliminating redundant purchases.