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Asset Management System

Creatrix Campus asset management solution is designed for schools, colleges and higher education to securely maintain, access and report asset information on web and mobile devices.

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Maintaining accurate, up-to-date asset records from asset creation and depreciation to disposal. Ensure compliance and achieve substantial economic benefit. Save time by streamlining all aspects of asset process.

IT Admin

Configurable, scalable and comprehensive solution for tracking assets throughout their lifecycle.Increase efficiency with automated processes for asset creation, disposal and, transfer, modify asset records, and more.


Reduce losses and save money by eliminating redundant purchases. Eliminate manual data entry, keep your data secure and accurate with rules validation, approval workflows, complete audit trails, role-based user access, and improved transparency.

Key features that sets us apart

Asset creation

Manage assets throughout the lifecycle to create value for the institution from selection up to and including disposal and all phases in between.Automatically create or modify asset details using web or mobile app or import assets to the existing system from various formats.

Search and quickly locate assets when you need, with real-time status update and availability to easily access from anywhere, anytime via mobile devices.

  •  Asset lifecycle
  •  Add and tag assets
  •  Search and locate assets

RFID tagging

Scan and log asset information using RFID, barcode and mobile devices to provide real-time update from anywhere.Assign assets including buildings, classrooms, lab equipment, etc. to departments, location or faculty and update the status changes.

Flexible approval process with configurable rules help enforce compliance, increase efficiency and eliminate errors and delays while transferring assets.

  •  Scan assets
  •  Assign assets
  •  Transfer assets


Track assets and inventories from IT assets and vehicle to furniture and equipment throughout their lifecycle on web and mobile devices.Easy to use and track asset condition and maintenance. Get an accurate picture of your fixed assets and plan your budget for their replacement.

Upload documents like purchase orders, insurance policies, images, etc. to have all necessary information in one place.

Manage transportation needs of students & employees efficiently with automated scheduling and streamlined bus routing of schools in real-time. Allocate bus stops, and calculate distance and average route time.

  •  Assets tracking
  •  Maintenance
  •  Digital document storage


User defined fields and customizable options enable institutions to capture all necessary asset data.Create asset records accurately with complete details including the asset model, user request, order, cost and more.

Create an approval process to manage asset change requests and provide a complete, auditable history with complete audit trails.

  •  Custom forms and fields
  •  Asset records
  •  Approval workflows

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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