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Artificial Intelligence Software in Higher Education

From student recruitment to graduation, Creatrix Campus applies artificial intelligence in higher education with greater levels of personalized learning and teaching, and real-time feedback for the stakeholders.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Learning becomes easier, accessible and adaptable promoting lifelong learning. Improve skills and competencies for better outcomes. AI allows you to Improve attention span and concentration levels.

Faculty / Staff

Identify and fill the curriculum gaps and improve learning performance. Assist learners with self-direction, self-assessment, teamwork and more. Promote gamified learning and enhance student experience.


High involvement with artificial intelligence in higher education.  Connected and accessible classrooms for competitive advantage. Analyze learning process for timely interventions.

Key features that sets us apart

Intelligent AI platform

Creatrix Campus provides the best artificial intelligence software for higher education to make every part of the college experience more closely tailored to student needs and goals. From recruiting to careers and alumni, key AI technologies such as intelligent automation, machine learning, natural language processing, smart data gathering and insightful predictions will complement and strengthen institutions.

Intelligent recommendation engines

Advanced search algorithms with best-in-class relevance, accuracy and filter options for students to find learning goals, courses, schedules, etc. from a huge pool of data. Intelligent recommendation engines discovers data patterns on demand from students and produces the outcomes that co-relates to their needs on their courses and degree requirements.

AI Consulting Services

Creatrix Campus can help educational institutions build and implement AI software into their daily academic processes. We have 11+ years of experience in developing mobile, web, and desktop applications we plan to reach new heights with the help of AI adoption in higher education.

Artificial assistants

Artificial assistants will ask questions to applicants, answer questions of applicants, keep applicants apprised of the status in real time, schedule interviews with prospects and automatically make updates with no human involvement.

Curriculum Mind Mapping

AI automatically generates mind map of the curriculum, lesson plan, schedules, course materials, teaching standards, assessments and graduate attributes with the student learning outcomes to improve efficiency, save costs and deliver better student experience.

AI Planning and Scheduling

Automatic planning and scheduling of courses relieves workload burden of faculties. Powerful scheduling algorithm brings flexibility to solve scheduling problems and conflicts quickly and also help instructors to work out their rotational teaching assignments smoothly.

Personalized learning

AI offers entirely autonomous, interactive self-paced learning to provide flexibility and achieve learning excellence. AI is becoming more viable and progress of students can be measured autonomously from anywhere, anytime and on any device.. A variety of techniques such as slides, videos, simulations, quizzes, etc. are used to maximize learning engagement.

Teaching Methods

There are various instructional methods and learning styles in educational institutions to help students develop critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Artificial intelligence in higher education use intelligent tutoring systems to control the instructional process, identify and close the gaps in student’s knowledge in the subject, and boost students’ performance.

Knowledge Management

Artificial intelligence in education can track learning activities accurately when students are more likely to forget information and send automatic reminders for knowledge retention. AI technology and innovation can substitute instructors with real-world tutoring to improve students’ learning, reduce the teaching loads and assist in their professional development.

Lifelong education

AI software is learner-centered, active and lifelong learning will be the norm. Students are assessed with knowledge and skills throughout a continuum of learning and remain competitive. AI can make learning easier and more accessible, and apply the knowledge to real-world situations.


Creatrix Campus platform provides a framework for AI and chatbot for higher education. With Creatrix, build a chatbot to simply chat with students to answer questions such as when an assessment or evaluation is going to be administered to students, teaching events, course credit hours, assignments, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

In the networked digital era amid proliferation of smart devices and surge of Big Data and Analytics, AI powered smart machines can think intuitively and make intelligent sense of the vast academic data to help administrators.Get a real-time dashboard of identifying the effectiveness of teaching and learning, evaluate student performance based on test scores and help them develop 21st century non-cognitive skills.

Automated alerts and custom notifications

As institutions become familiar with AI and Chatbot technology, the constituents get whatever they need instantly with real-time interactions. With AI, students are sent automatic reminders and custom notifications in the form of email, text messages or push notifications.


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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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