Financial and Accounting Management




    Intelligent workflow enabled procurement process allows you to create requisition, generate purchase orders, allocate expenses and ensure cost control for purchases, at the same time ensure compliance, and reduce costs.


    Accounting & Fee Tracking

    Manage books of accounts, general ledger, and keep track of student fee payments, receivables, payables, etc. while generating powerful reports on balance sheet, income statement, and many more.



    Automate payroll processes to support various pay types, pay periods and complex benefits packages. Automatically calculate net pay, tax deductions, generate pay slips and enable payments to multiple bank accounts.



    Simplify, streamline, and accelerate the student billing process efficiently to monetize services, eliminate duplication of data and reduce operational costs.


    Financial Reports

    Generate accurate and actionable reports using powerful built-in financial reporting tools, that requires no programming, to make decision-making efficient and reduce cycle times.


    Cash Management

    Automate and optimize cash processing to control and monitor cash flow through cash forecasting, analysis, and reconciliation of bank accounts to provide real-time visibility.



    Manage budget information in real-time. Keep track of income and expenses and compare with previous budgets. Allocate budgets to departments and control expenditure.


    Asset Management

    Track and manage property, equipment etc. Customize depreciation methods to automatically calculate using pre-built formulas and tables. Accurately track assets using RFID and barcode.



    Send notifications to students, teachers, management and parents via email, messaging and push notifications to easily access important financial information in real-time.



    Real-time access to financial data


    Access up-to-date financial information including fiscal, bills payments, receivables, inventory and budgeting.


    Automatically calculate depreciation for fixed assets.


    Empower vendors with anytime, anywhere access to purchase orders.


    Manage funding and procurement effectively.


    Reduce costs & Maximize profitability.


    Ensure security, confidentiality & control


    Keep your financial systems secure.


    Timely and consistent maintenance of financial records.


    Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates.


    Eliminate duplicate data entry.


    Authorized user access to prevent fraud and abuse.


    Reallocate resources and reduce staff workload.


    Reduce costs & Maximize profitability


    Centralize tasks and processes.


    Flexible, configurable and customizable.


    Improved cash management.


    Easy-to-use and powerful tools for budgeting and financial reporting for strategic decision-making.


    Maintain comprehensive payroll, accounting, fee collection, and billing to reduce costs.


    Enhanced audit trails to prevent fraud.