How to use digital assessment tools for transformational outcome-based education

How to use digital assessment tools for transformational outcome-based education



Cloud-based course assessments fundamentally replaces the archaic system of paper-based assessments. It supports outcome-based learning, which maps the graduate attributes with the learning standards. Cloud-based higher education ERP software has numerous academic features such as curriculum mind mapping, scheduling, lesson planning, assessments, grading, and more. Mind mapping of multiple curriculum elements is auto-generated to track student progress in real time and enhance learning. Instructors can identify the gaps and redundancies in the curriculum to improve teaching. 

Outcome-based education software with digital tools for tests, examinations, and quizzes to reduce faculty workload and improve student performance. Visual analytical tools are integrated into the course work to illustrate the delivery of learning outcomes. This will provide an opportunity to improve critical thinking and build necessary skills and knowledge to increase student success.    

Creatrix Campus, leading cloud platform for higher education management and student information system, has set a new benchmark in automating course assessments in colleges and higher education institutions. In its continuous endeavor for technology-enablement in academic management to serve the students and instructors better, Creatrix has automated outcome-based assessments, which will be used for online tests, assignments, quizzes and puzzles in innovative manner, thus publishing the results instantly, which has a bearing on learning outcomes.

Creatrix Campus has successfully rolled out several ERP products in the recent past including recruitment, academics, attendance, evaluations, fee invoicing, etc. all aimed at empowering students and faculty.


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